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Steam Gifts (Regional Restrictions Lifted?)


It would appear that we can cross gift and disregard regions now.

I just checked this, maybe they recently lifted the restrictions?


but why would they do that? or did they remove regional pricing as well?
it just doesnt make much sense
why am i writing this its not like i contribute to the conversation


that would seem highly strange, since the whole point of the region restriction was to prevent EU/US from buying/receiving CIS/RU-ASIA etc low price/currency "gifts"
can’t imagine they or even the publishers doing/agreeing to this


I just tried to buy a gift from US to EU for something that’s 1:1 dollars:euros, and it seemed to allow me to do it… maybe it’s just a bug, who knows?


As far as I know you can gift a cross regions so long as the price discrepancy is not that big


might be because the $ “finally” got within acceptable € range?, or that particular game simply has cross region gifting enabled vs all those that has that setting disabled


If I might ask, and don’t feel obliged to answer, what game was it? Then we’ll get an idea of the parity of pricing.


FFXV, 50:50 price I think… Dollars and Euros…


So it’s $24.99 USD // £17.49 GBP // 24,99€

25 Euros is around 28.5 USD…

Actually I may have got those prices slightly wrong…was using a price aggregator…it’s £35 //50 Euros //50 USD

So around just double my intial value – 7USD difference.


Didn’t someone here say that regional restrictions only impact purchases where the price difference exceeds 15%?


Yeah, that‘s what I heard. If a game is more expensive where you live you can gift and if it‘s cheaper there‘s a percentage you‘re allowed to save. Something along these lines.


FFXV (A great choice of gift, you are an awesome friend!)
$49.99 (A Dollar value from the source region)
49,99€ (The price in Euro’s)
£34.99 (And a Pound value just because)

With direct market conversion via XE
$49,99 = 43.87€ = £39.30
49,99€ = $56.96 = £44.78
£34.99 = $44.51 = 39.06€

So 15% of Dollar price is $7.50, which means it just squeezes through if that’s true (and assuming I’m actually making sense with my numbers!)


YQ was sending me the gift, only for testing :slight_smile: So he stopped at payment. Not that he isnt an awesome friend ofc. Before USA people from my friendslist couldnt gift me (EU) any game.
Only when the dev added regional pricing (so mostly only newer games) But since this week they can gift me everything. So something must have changed, by accident or purpose idk.

Btw the price cannot be more than 10% so not 15% from what I have read. But that restriction seems gone now, I dont know for how long.


Well, after Brexit when the UK economy collapses and we get the equivalent of Russian pricing, the metaphorical drinks are on me!

(and I suspected as much…:smiley: )


so what you’re saying, “for gifting purposes”, it’s a good thing, the $ has risen a bit compared to € :thinking:
… why, i’ve never…:face_with_raised_eyebrow: :triumph:

suppose for @YQMaoski’s "gifting"sake, we better hope it doesn’t get back to summer points levels then :smile:
-gifts away! gift like you’ve never gifted before while it lasts! :crazy_face:
(wait, or is that what the capitalist overlords want you to do…? it’s a conspiracy! :face_with_monocle:)


To be honest, I’ve no idea what I’m saying…but I figured that If I just slapped some numbers up there someone else would put one and one together to make two point two.

Don’t ever look a gift Maoski in the mouth… :heart_eyes:


Could very well be! :slight_smile:

We were just testing out the gifting thing, seems like where it normally talks about regional pricing differences, it allowed for it to go through.


I just hope that I will continue being able to gift to EU, it would make things a lot easier. I have had to dig around Humble and other other places in the past, and that’s just more bothersome.