Steam Gift: Frozen Synapse Prime (Closed)

Anyone want it? I am going to keep this open until the next Chrono deal refreshes, so that’s approximately 16 hours away. If multiple people respond, it will be decided by discobot.

I only request that you have been an member on these forums for more than 2 weeks to enter.

Of course the other rule is that you have to be my friend on Steam or be willing to give me your email address if you win. I promise, it will be kept private!

May the RNG odds be in your favor!


I wouldn’t mind a free gift! Thank you!


I very much enjoyed the original, it’s a nice challenge. Nice give away :slight_smile:

(Not an entry)


I’ve wanted to try the original for a while. I really, really enjoyed Door Kickers and Frozen Synapse looked similar…from what I’ve read Prime was less well received though.


Quite interested, thanks a lot!

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@xist, did you want to be included in the mix?


Hello there, @YQMaoski !

Against my better judgment (namely, MY backlog of unused Steam keys), I wouldn’t mind trying out Frozen Synapse (FS) Prime, especially as a :gift: free gift :gift: .

I have been really itching to play a NEW turn-based strategy (TBS) title, and FS Prime seems good enough to scratch that itchI gladly accept your offer!

May the RNG “Gods” and (@discobot -san) be with us!

P.S. Been wanting to say this a while, but cool profile pic! After these last few months, nothing says “good morning” to a good JRPG adventure like an older, more mature “Kirito” from SAO: Hollow Realization! Bravo :clap: , good sir!

P.P.S. #Excited for SAO: FATAL BULLET releasing in a few hours :laughing: ! Still pondering over whether to pre-order the base PC edition, though :confused: … the “promise” of cosmetic DLCs and a PC port of that horrible first installment in the SAO-based JRPG series, Re:HOLLOW FRAGMENT is not very enticing …


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


No thank you, I’m going to sit this one out. I’d like to give this a go at some point but I’m sure the others in this topic are probably more desperate than I (no offence intended to anyone!).

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Count me in if you please, I’ve been interested in the symmetrical command aspect of the game. And I’m getting a cyberpunky vibe…

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Closed, Winner drawn by discobot, PM notification sent.