Steam: Games From Denmark Sale

I noticed Steam made another one of those special sales celebrating a singular country.
This time it’s Denmark. :star_struck:
As a fellow dane i felt obligated to share some of the good deals/games they have for show.
Link to sale

I’m personally gonna get A Hat in Time… Eventually. 3D platformers is my jam.

Inside and limbo is just good games. Nothing else to say. :shushing_face:

I really like ECHO in concept, style and also how experimental it is with the AI learning from your playstyle.

I sincerely hope Steam will keep on doing these country specific deals. I actually had no idea teams like A Hat in Time was danish. Getting the background of developers helps us to understand why they chose their games to do what they do. I love that.


I watched Day9 play Inside, it’s a really good game but damn I feel like they didn’t know how to end the story, it was so…that’s it? that’s where this went? But you had all this other stuff going on and… ugh whatever :disappointed:


Yeah. It is hard to tell what and why anything happens in it.


But interesting to note is when you take control of the amalgamation and later fall through an elevator and office room, you then land in this diorama with some land and a single spotlight, that suspiciously looks like the end of the game.(also with same said spotlight) That makes it seem like you have been playing inside(ha ha!) a scene. Also with a theme of mind control through out the whole game(both enemies and friends). Maybe people are “puppeting” you and the entire game.

If you start digging into it, there is some neat concepts to think about.


But you are totally right. It is more open-ended and not definite. You don’t really know anything, like actually know what’s going on and why stuff is happening. But that’s the fun of open-ended stories. You can basically imagine whatever ending you want. :smiley:


It’s a great story, it just has a really lacklustre ending. I think they thought of this great world and concept and how to work puzzles in there and make it really creepy but didn’t know how to end it in a way that concluded the story thread points.

Maybe if I talk down the ending enough some people will get there and say ‘that wasn’t so bad’?

It’s a hell of a lot better than a lot of other games out there and is one I very clearly remember, I wish I liked the ending more because what came before it was so good.


Inside has a secret ending that it’s quite meta. It’s a clever game, like Limbo features a circular story arc. I love it.


Why they don’t make a Brazil Sale?

Oh, that’s why…

JK, there are some good ones like, Dandara, Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight, Relic Hunters Zero, Chroma Squad, Knights of Pen and Paper, Odallus: The Dark Call.

Do you guys also live in the middle of nowhere that having local developers is a rare thing?


I was thinking about this one from the Denmark sale:

Still watching reviews
Some nice games from Denmark :slight_smile:


A Hat in Time, Inside and Limbo are some pretty good game. But ECHO … :fearful:

Played it a bit, the beginning is fine and interesting, but after a while… damn, the creepiness slowly start to rise from nowhere and damn, I’m weak to horror/creepy and that game creep the hell out of me. Never finished it.

The title menu too is creepy, startle me a bit each time I launch the game.

Found this gif that sum up my reaction to this game quite nicely:


Thanks for the heads up, I will stay away from that game based on your gif and comment. I am too easily creeped out…


You forgot


and dis

Denmark is a tiny country, so “anything” is a rare thing :smile:
i mean, our entire populace is about the amount in a metropolitan abroad :wink:
“Today on national news:” "THIS JUST IN!; traffic ran as usual, our surrounding ocean remains wet. Tune in tomorrow when we cover the breaking story of: “Supermarket chain expands and opens a new store!”, will it be your town getting another Fakta!?"

night night all!


Hmmm, Echo is tempting. I’ve had it on my wishlist for a while now.


Oh shit :joy: that gif just made me burst out laughing in the middle of a busy food court 10/10


Now…People are going to think you are strange…er!:rofl: