Hey dudes and other dudes, the Steam game festival has arrived and there is a bunch of crazy stuff to try out. Basically "The Steam Game Festival: Spring Edition features dozens of demos available to download and play, as well as other highlighted games from the Indie MEGABOOTH, The MIX, Day of the Devs and WINGS."

You can try out some awesome indie games!!! HAVE FUN!!!


:joy: lol wtf


I wish they didn’t make it during the week lol when im workin then again uk time means it will probs last to weekend x3


Weird, I don’t see this in the store front nor in the store news. Is this something shown only for the heavy quarantine countries? I can access via the link, but there’s nothing about it anywhere.


the superliminal demo is a ton of fun, it’s pretty short and sweet (took me 19 minutes to finish with me goofing around).


hmm i’m not so sure.


I find it as an item in the special offers carousel.


There’s also a somewhat related sale on:


I love that it is basically like an online convention with tons of demos for home users to try on. I haven’t messed with it (mainly from starting out GW2 and laziness) but if this is what I think this could be a step towards alternative ways to enjoy these kinds of events. Imagine when BOTW was revealed and a demo was playable there, you can download it on your Wii U and try out the areas allowed there too.
Maybe I’m interpreting this wrongly though haha.


I downloaded the Eldest Souls demo because I felt masochistic yesterday and it totally kicked my ass, took me nearly 3 hours to beat two bosses. I must admit I am really bad at such games but it was fun!
Any other recommendations?


Yeah, it showed up later when I checked again


Smol sloth thoughts from what I’ve tried in this event

  • Tunche - I tried their free version called Tunche Arena before and it wouldn’t load, this time around they had some pre-launch settings and I was able to run the demo. Pretty cool beat 'em up and the Hat Kid addition was quite nice as well, she’s so cute. Also, the game takes place in the Amazon rainforest, so I was very welcome there. Didn’t get too far into the demo since I took a beating. Should be best played co-op for sure.

  • Carrion - Quite frantic game at some parts, and the controls were a bit weird to get used to on the controller (not something I use very often anymore). It’s a lot of fun being the bad guy sometimes, lots of gore too.

  • Eldest Souls - Seems like it’s taking the same route as Titan Souls with only boss battles, at least that’s what was present in the demo. Hit-boxes were a bit weird here, sometimes the boss would try to hit me and miss even if I stood still near them, but sometimes they would hit me even though I was behind them and nowhere near the attack zone, oh and sometimes it would register the hit multiple times resulting in instant death, lol. The dodge timing was big oof too, it was better to dodge away than trying to perfect dodge, maybe I’m just slow. It’s challenging fun but there’s a lot of work to be done, I can sense the frustration from people.

  • Vigil: The Longest Night - This one is another ‘souls-like’ platformer, like Blasphemous, Salt and Sanctuary or Death’s Gambit. Really got into it when I started investigating some disappearance that occurred in the village. Combat-wise wasn’t really that bad, but my limited pc didn’t do justice to the game, from the trailers it seems really fluid and cool. I played mainly with daggers and there are many other weapons to try and build into. It has the potential to be an interesting game.

There were some bugs, but that didn’t take away the experience for me. Carrion along with Vigil is what I’m really looking forward after trying out the demos. There are still more more games I would like to try like Raji, Batbarian, Spiritfarer, Haven, but I don’t know if I’ll have enough time or the requirements. And some others aren’t available as a demo, bummer! I was really looking forward to shred some rad tricks on a skateboard as a birb.

Like this fella over here…


Tried out only one: Tunche. Felt lazy on others cause I have other games I’m interested in but it has potential to be great. Hoping I don’t have to buy Hat Kid as DLC or something, but the other characters are fun on their own anyways. My fave so far is the one with the fire powers through a certain combo. Still, my ass was also kicked and I hate that stupid branch tree thing with all my being.
Still, great that Valve is able to give indies a huge platform like Steam to showcase what they can do. Hoping more companies try this out, although I’m bummed we cannot keep these demos for long.


Superliminal is so perfect it’s almost heartbreaking. You walk around your dreams and dream physics apply everywhere. I got Portal / The Stanley Parable vibes, in sense of humor etc, but it’s still unique. Obviously I’d already know that if I bought games from Epic store, but I think I can wait for a Steam release just fine.

Also it’s the only demo I had no technical issues with whatsoever. No freezes, no missing exit buttons, no confusing game design, immediate game and scene loading. A perfectly polished, flawless experience. I would like to preorder it, but there’s no option to do so.