Steam Friends?


He has snagged me as well. ^^ Nice people a-gathering. :heart:


Add me Nimmie Amee - I could use some friends!


This is you? Just wanted to confirm first. (You are already friends with a couple of people here, so I would imagine that I got the correct profile.)


@YQMaoski That’s her officer.


Was confused for a bit trying to determine if officer was meant to mean something else. Turns out it was a comma before it.

Punctuation saves lives.

"Let’s eat, Grandma!"
“Let’s eat Grandma!”


Yup, I took a while to ponder at it too. :slight_smile:


Yup yup. Das mee


Added you :slight_smile: I;m just a casual internet sloth.


Been a while since I posted myself here, always happy to get to know new friends :slight_smile:


Added you , we can make some phat beatsies :smiley:


Since I haven’t posted it in awhile feel free to add me but be warned I pretty much play alone but i don’t mind adding others to see what they are up to.


I added your nickname so I know who is who…Gets so confusing…:crazy_face:


Just reposting as I see people been posting here feel free to add


Any of y’all got any GOG accounts, or Uplay? If ya do, lemme know, and I can add ya…assuming you are okay with that. lol


Yes, but rarely on, my primary platform is Steam, for sure. I don’t know if it’s easy to search by name, I go by the same name, use the same icon… lol, should be pretty easy to find.


I invited both of you on GOG.

Mine is the same as here…


Just so y’all know, on GOG, my username is Rhyagell, without the last [e]. Someone had that name already. -sobs-


Damn, I’ve been here a little over two years and never posted my gaming socials…

GeekinUndies or GeekInUndies everywhere else too. (Epic, GOG, Origin, Uplay, etc)


@delenn13 Just added you on GOG
@GeekInUndies Just added you on Steam and GOG
@Rhyagelle @YQMaoski I added you both on GOG

Here’s my GOG profile, if you wish to add me:
(NOTE: Like on Steam, my username on GOG is bluethief. On Chrono I couldn’t register it, that’s why here I’m Spinoute).


Yeah I do but rarely on lol
Feel free to add tho