Steam card trading (2020)


Im looking for some of the The Steam Awards - 2020 cards so if anyone has any they would like to trade please let me know.


(what I currently have)


This is what I got so far. I am not a big fan of trading…but we will try.


Since we are still accumulating cards, I usually wait until end of the event. The cards are valid for another month after the sale is over, so it’s not too late to do so then. I might trade away something now that I would want later, just too much hassle at this time.


That’s true…Maybe we should wait before we go hog wild.:star_struck::sunglasses::heart_eyes:


Just curious, can someone subscribe to a Steam Holiday notification list? I was not aware of this Trading Card event. :eyes::eyes::eyes:


You vote for games and get 10 cards…Scroll down to the gold.

Scroll down some more and you can get bird stickers.

Then you scroll down further and get one card a day for watching your Discovery Queue.

I think you will get cards till the 5th. Then you can trade them etc and make badges.


and else 1 card for spending $10 in shop
and crafting badges gives cards


I’m interesting in doing this, but I’m also in concurrence with @YQMaoski


I get the stickers, no idea where the cards come from…


Run through your discovery queue for 1 x card daily.

Voting in the Steam awards gives you one card per vote.

Making purchases will give cards = for me, every $10 spent yields one card.

Also crafting other badges, every level of any badge crafted during the sale gives one more event card.


Thanks, people. But you got my question wrong. I was not asking what the rules are for this particular steam seasonal event. I’m asking if I can signup to get reminders via email from Steam whenever any future seasonal event comes up. If not, perhaps we could start a thread here at chrono, to post notices/reminders whenever steam has a seasonal event. :turkey:

(by seasonal event, I mean one where you can earn trading cards, etc)

(also, when I hear the phase “Winter Sale”, I think “sale”, not “event”, unless it is explained to me a such) :nerd_face:

PS - @delenn13 - You did a very good job of describing the current event. Very helpful. Thank you! :gem:



Hm… I did that the first day and nada. shrug Steam events are usually like that for me, heh.


Thank you very much @SeekerSupreme :vulcan_salute::eyes::vulcan_salute:


I am going to get, through a trade, a FOIL GOTY Event Card this evening. Then I will be posting my cards.


Anyone want to trade cards. I need 2 regular GOTY cards. That’s all.

I have 3 Foils to trade:
1 VR Game
1 Most Innovative

Regular cards to trade:
1 Better With Friends
1 Outstanding Story Rich
2 Best Games you Suck
2 Sit Back & Relax


I have these listed for sale on the market. I can un-list any of them and give them to you. Let me know:
Best Soundtrack
Better with Friends
Game of the Year
Game of the Year
Game of the Year
Game of the Year
Game of the Year
Most Innovative Gameplay
Outstanding Story-Rich Game
Outstanding Story-Rich Game
Outstanding Visual Style
Sit Back and Relax
(The Steam Awards - 2020 Trading Cards, right?)


Idc for this stuff, so…

Better with Friends * 1
Most Innovative Gameplay *2
Outstanding Story Rich *1
Best Game you Suck at *1
Sit back and Relax *1
Best Soundtrack *2
Game of the Year *1

Ask if ye need. Myrr.


Sent 2 via Steam Trade as a gift. :sunglasses: