Steam Blog, Progress Update. - Steam making some pretty good changes.


This sounds and looks excellent, exactly what I was hoping they were going to put their time into. Give users the tools to find or avoid the media they don’t want to consume rather than trying to enforce a top down control of what’s on the platform, great work valve. Now lets hope their good example rubs off on some other platforms out there ~cough~twitter, discord~cough~.

Though the whole “straight up trolling” bit is still a little worrysome, it’s probably not going to ever be possible to get away from a subjective judgement at some point. Reading through the Q&A section on it didn’t fill me with great confidence that they won’t at some point use it to silence someone they don’t like or a message someone at valve doesn’t want heard. One can make worthwhile art even if your goal is merely to rile a target demo up to the enjoyment of another demo, is that still “just plain trolling”?

Edit: PSA! The “VIOLENT & SEXUAL CONTENT” filter is on by default, so go have a look at that so you don’t risk missing out on any high impact sexual violence!


The straight up trolling is more aimed towards Asset flip Developers and not real games.


Yes that is clearly what it’s being used for right now, but there’s nothing inherent in their ruling process that prevents the reach to grow.


I never noticed the changes because i never use the store. The only recent changes i have noticed are to the friend list for the client. I hate it. There is no point in grouping my in-game friends by the game they are playing. Honestly i don’t even care what game they’re playing since we all have different tastes, i’m really only interested in if they are online or not and most of them are never in-game anyway.

What’s the point of this?


I read most of that this morning and was also…rather impressed? The openness was quite refreshing rather than the ‘we changed a bunch of shit, see ya!’ that they’ve been in the past.

I think they need to be a little vague on the trolling developers, those guys are crafty assholes, Valve will always be a step behind if they stipulate exactly what is permitted and what is not.

Thanks @Fraggles for the heads up on the filter, I want all the high impact sexual violence!

What was that Konami thing again, erotic violence? gimme!


It‘s fucking awful! You‘d think a company of that magnitude would have great UI designers at hand if they wanted to rework their client but what they did is absolute trash. Especially 'cause it should be intuitive to use, but the whole drag and drop bullshit makes no sense at all.

The only good thing that came out of this is that the ‘show as offline’ mode works properly now.


tbh they should add a setting that lets you change to the old ui but same features


Best new thing: We can block devs! Will save me a lot of time.

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Yeah, it’s always nice seeing one of these big media companies actually listening to consumers and being open about policy changes. Other media companies should take note on this, as I think Steam handled this recent controversy rather well.

@kovec Then we have this, yet another example of websites changing their layout for no reason whatsoever, to the dismay many of it’s users (lookin’ at you, Reddit).


This doesn’t really belong here but I didn’t want to create a new topic just for it but, Now you can Clear your old aliases on steam.