STEAM and DLC compatibility

If I buy a game here, during one of the ‘Daily Deal’ things, and that game has (other) DLCs normally available…

  1. Are they (DLCs) purchasable here too ?

  2. If not… Is there a way to ‘‘transfer’’/link the game, bought on, and be able to use it on/through STEAM ?
    2a) If yes, then once the game is linked on our STEAM account… Can we buy the (other) DLCs on STEAM and have them be applied/usable on our game ?

(2b: How does the eventual updates work, with a game bought on and/or linked on STEAM ?)


depends on the deal, some deals have dlc some don’t
and when having dlc sometimes you can buy dlc separate other times you can’t and it’s "package"deal. And sometimes they have all available dlc for a game in the Daily deal, other times not. Check the daily deal for each own’s options to see

there is no “transfer” needed
what you buy on Chrono is, 99% of the time, Steam keys, meaning you get a code, put it in Steam(while logged in to your account ofc) and voila; game in steam library, no linking needed
(a few deals have been Uplay games/codes(not steam) i believe but was marked as such)
-at this time chrono don’t do direct steam acc linking to chrono acc, so it’s individual (Steam) codes you put in steam yourself, just like other online stores

just like any game bought on steam that has dlc, you can buy the dlc on steam (unless it’s an old/special game, but those are very few/rare)
or even buy dlc in another store and input steam code in steam to activate and play there
(provided it’s a steam platform game; uplay/origin dlc codes activate in their own platform)

just like any and all Steam games, games update automatically when developers update the game on steam
and even if it’s a non steam game, like Uplay, also updates automatically when Ubisoft updates




Very helpful and informative.
Thank you.