Steam Account Linking (the thing that many people are against)

Given the recent notice, thanks to @kovec, that our coinshop keys tend to land in the wrong places for the wrong reasons, see post here for example of recent coin shop game. And given the subsequent suggestion by @GDBringer with post here, I think I am now in favor of introducing account and Steam account linking that would allow the user to claim a copy for their account and then to make sure they activate the copy for their account. I think this is only preliminary, but I do know that over at Steamgifts that accounts can be banned/flagged/whatever for not activating a key that you have won.

Is this possible?

I mean, I am half-heartedly saying this also because I have had multiple kind souls gift me coin shop games when I was lacking in coins. But how can we stop the significant outflow for the wrong reasons?


I’ll be very disappointed if I’m forced to activate on a linked account because sometimes I want to get a game for my brothers as a surprise, because they game far more than I do and not a lot of stuff interests me. I also don’t think it is right to punish me or anyone else for the abuses of other people.

Also, the average person is not going to be making multiple accounts here to farm coins and I think the moderators or site owners would notice a mass amount of accounts originating from the same IP just collecting and collecting and would do something about it first.

As for what can be done, probably nothing but keeping a watch on account activity origins, unless they absolutely think it is a problem and want to stomp on it from the start and force us to do those things, such as orlygift does now.


I really do not think that’s warranted by any means. I think people should be free to do what they want with the keys they “purchase”, the only problem you appear to have with this is that they get something out of it somewhere else. Do you have the same objection if someone buys a coin shop game and gives it to a friend?

This seems to me like a pretty petty reason to force everyone to link their steam accounts. You’ll also run a risk of alienating a large portion of people who do not want to link their accounts due to real or perceived security issues in doing so.


Yeah, you got a good point there, and I already mentioned that I have been gifted items too, so it would be not an ideal situation for me as well.

In regards to multiple accounts, the IP watch is pretty tight I think and those people that do make multiple accounts can farm coins, but they lose the ability to claim games… so that’s not what I was talking about.

It’s just silly I think to see the game flow out en mass to another site…

I was thinking of this myself… I know a lot of people don’t want to do this. And I agree it’s probably not an ideal situation.

As for the security problems, I didn’t even think about that at all, so good point…

No, I don’t… thus I was troubled even as I wrote the original thought.


Ok. I read this topic and stepped away for a while to think it over. Washed dishes, swept the floor, did some laundry. After letting my mind wander, I think I have an idea that will not bother normal users.

Yes, we can have steam account linking. But to the point where we can receive the game but the steam key’s numbers/letters are hidden until you choose to activate it. When they want, the user can choose to activate the key, wait, or gift the key to another user for them to activate it on their steam account. The idea would be that our website would keep the circulation of keys amongst ourselves. Where you will need an account to activate the key. Also, this can probably be an idea for stopping bots on giveaway threads…

I hope my idea came across properly.

So then for users that want to gift it to others, it will still be possible. But they will have to join Including that those 3rd party websites will be unable to gift keys because it would be awkward for them to ask “giveaway winners” to come to for them to gift it. Which brings visitors here, where the keys should be given anyway.

I didn’t think it was a big deal until I read the replies in the previous thread of users that wanted to spend their coins but there weren’t enough steam keys.

This is all my brain can think of without upsetting normal users.

As a side note, I think users with linked steam accounts should get a 12 hour head start before other users can use their coins. But that is an opinion with no rhyme or reason.


hm, I sometimes gift my kids games from here, and I don’t want them to have a chrono account (too young for some of the stuff here); they dont even manage their own steam account as of yet (it’s basically a ‘second’ steam account i got myself with my second email for their sake, and i don’t feel like making a ‘second’ chrono account myself either [which would even be against TOS to begin with])


Hmm. Interesting, interesting.

Perhaps there can be an option to link multiple steam accounts to one user.


The thing that many people are against for a good ammount of reasons. I understand security and integrity are important but, if you’re gonna screw all good customers in the name of it, well, do I have to remind you about Denuvo? I myself gifted some coin-shop games of the ones I purchased to people who used them a lot and got great joy of it. They even check from time to time “that cool site where I got the key from they saved in bookmarks”.

If you want people to not lose the keys, make it optional at the very best. Edit: Or try to fix the root problem instead of the other end of the rope.


I agree with several things that have already been pointed out.

Another thing I’d like to say, briefly:

I think that limiting coin shop purchases to 1 per account is already limiting enough to the “re-sellers” and inconvenient enough to the regular buyers among us.

If the mods feel there’s a need to limit things more, that’s their call. Maybe it’s not a big deal to them or to the publishers. At the end of the day, their games are still going to someone.

Maybe that’s all that matters. :woman_shrugging:


Yeah, clearly lots of pros and cons of any particular idea. I like the idea of having some kind of a stricter rule, but I do recognize that one account per person, one key per account is already a fairly good restriction. (I think both of these are very good.)

When I started this topic building off the thoughts of another, I figured it was going to get a lot of backlash, because the idea of linking the accounts seemed lukewarm to me at best, given a lot of the things that have been pointed out.

My goal was just to see if we can brainstorm some ideas to give the chrono regulars who are missing out due to timezone differences in that they might be sleeping at each new game reveal… :thinking:

I will keep pondering other ideas too. And thanks for the input everyone!


I’m not a technical programming type of person so my best tip to stop things is :



Am wt Fraggles, bad suggestion with little upside given that anyone can have a dozen steam accounts. That’s just gonna drive ppl away…also you have little point anyway, who cares what ppl do wt their keys? Sure, I wanted that water game, but if others bought it they may do whatever tf they wanna do wt it.


I didn’t even consider this… Lol… The holes in my thinking and loopholes in many systems are clearly at fault.

I will go back to avoiding controversial subjects from now on… :man_shrugging: at least keeping my opinions to myself and to the polls…

Speaking of polls, the midterm elections are coming up in 2 days in the US! I would encourage anyone who lives in the US (and can legally vote) to do so!


This is something we’ve been thinking about for awhile. Some important caveats: 1) requiring a Steam account to be linked to get coin shop games does not necessarily require that the games are only activated on that account, and 2) by default, Steam accounts are limited in use, you can spin up tons of accounts, but unless you spend at least $5 on them, they remain in this limited state (which is visible via API).


Hey now I hope you don’t feel like we’re fighting you personally just because we are disagreeing with the ideas you put forth, whether you thought they were good ideas to start with or not. Don’t be afraid of putting your opinions out there, at worst you’ll just find that everyone disagrees but even then maybe you’ll have the opportunity to learn why people disagree. Having our opinions challenged is rather important and I hope we all understand that we can disagree with each other without denouncing the person behind the argument.

I think it was a good thing you put the thought out there, so that I could put mine out there in response. Please do not be discouraged from sharing your thoughts and ideas in the future.


Something, something, critical thinking, something, personal growth, something, power of friendship and bonds. Silly Fraggels wrote it faster and better than me, again. I feel like MiniMe.


You wouldnt need a second account though if I understand correctly. Since you can redeem the key and send it to them/their steam account.


I’m ashamed to say the US consulate has been reminding me of this fact since August, but I was so overwhelmed with the Brazilian elections I missed the deadline for the American one :woman_facepalming:

Seriously and the whole mailing the ballot thing or what have you sounds SO confusing. :thinking:



anything that would stop farmers and resellers to empty out coin shop games would be certainly welcome

The problem isnt that someone uses his own key to his own purpose but when they take away the opportunity from other ppl who genuinely want to play said game and not just use it to farm CV on steamgifts/ sell it on G2A.

As one thing is clear: many ppl use those coinshop games in a way that it wasnt meant to be used and it needs some safeguard to at least minimise the problem.


It’s unfortunate that some people are abusing the system and a more secure method would be great if there was a way to go about it that didn’t add otherwise unnecessary restrictions to legitimate users.

Like lonin mentioned above, linking a Steam account doesn’t mean the key will be redeemed on the linked account. I think that was some of the reasoning behind the implementing the original suggestion. Redeeming a key directly to a Steam account used to be a feature (Humble used it) but Valve removed the feature for some reason. Outside of the Steam Store, Steam keys have to be visibly revealed at some point for redemption and there’s just no easy or effective way to ensure a specific Steam account redeems it.

I think adding a linked account requirement would create more more of an inconvenience to some users than what it might offset in illegitimate key farming.