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Statistics on streaks?


not gonna risk it, daylight savings time or not, i ain’t pushing that coin until 18.30 local time so not to upset the cosmos :smile:



k bye


alrighty, i’m still in!, didn’t break the space time continuum
but i must be on chrono’s/discobot’s naughty list, -my legendary chests have been mighty light lately :wink:


It won’t matter…you will abandon Grim Dawn,, and life:


hehe, i saw :wink:
but i’m done with that tho, (5years gotta be enough)
and tbh, i don’t trust blizz to handle “vanilla wow” in a modern era, i don’t think it would work
Nostalrius and Feenix were far from perfect, but they still had to tweak tons of shit Blizz didn’t because "reasons"
not to mention the biggest fault of WoW is it’s content cycles, -either too slow or too fast,
the game is simply too big for itself in this day and age i think :smile:




I am still plugging away…even after 2…count them…TWO! eye surgeries. Until i get my glasses, I am not really good. I have been playing a lot of free cell, Chuzzle and Plasma Pong…The plasma explosions do a number…LOL


Mine reset twice (my fault), so I’m playing a permanent game of catchup. At the time of this writing, I’m at 91 days. A measly 91 days…


Let this be an example to all who have lost their streaks. There really is no excuse. Not even surgery.


Still in the race !





I missed yesterday due to a personal emergency. Looks like I topped out at 251. Ah well.


Not quite as impressive as some of y’all (are y’all at 270 yet?) :stuck_out_tongue: However, considering before this I kept losing my streak before the 7-day chest, I’m quite proud of myself for having kept it going for 90 days now. :smile_cat:


Close! The max is 260 right now


I’m stopping at this point, start was good, but now it feels uninspiring and waste of time, too much trash in coin shop



I gonna stop after a year, I think


Time for another bump