STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™ MMORPG Now Free to play on Steam.

Has anyone played this game back when it came out in 2011 ? I remember really wanting to play it but lack of funds back then prevented me from actually getting into it.

Now as it’s free to play i’m pretty sure it will be jam packed with microtransactions. Or maybe not?

I kinda want to install it and see what it is , but also i severely lack time to play anything , especially an MMO.


Microtransactions, to the brim.

However it is in my library (not installed), because I’ve wanted to play/see it since SidAlpha first talked about it.


Oh I think I remember this game. Yes, plenty of mtx. Want more than X currency? Buy this pack. You could also buy it from someone, but everyone sells it for orders of magnitude more than FTP can have at a time.

I don’t know how p2w it is, it’s been awhile if this is the game I’m remembering. It’s been free to play for a long while now.

I do remember that for some reason it didn’t play nice with me/my screen I was using at the time. Made me feel sick after playing too long. Quite possibly the screen (Toshiba TV) was the issue.


I actually played through the whole of the vanilla campaigns for all classes as well as the first two expansions (which have become free since then). It’s a so so game with a serviceable enough story. The later expansions have become more dynamic in their shots but lose out on the individuality each class brings on: its still there but reduced in role.
And you’re right there is microtransactions. The cartel market I remember has this lootbox crap that I don’t buy into. Most of them are decorative thus far so its not a completely horrifying marketplace.
Nothing much to write home about now thst I went through the experience fully. I’m glad I played it but I don’t think it is worth going again: the levelling is honestly a slog to where it turned me off from starting a new character again.


Has anyone played this game back when it came out in 2011 ?

I played it for the shortest time. Was it monthly subscription? That could mean I played 1 month. It was pretty forgettable. Maybe it got better. But I didn’t go back to find out.

I only remember a few things… Something about getting a companion to join me. I remember feeling annoyed by my companion about something.

I also remember choosing every flirt option available and the soft-rejection.

I can’t remember much about the combat gameplay…2011 is so long ago…

If the MMO hasn’t shut down yet, that must mean something is working. So go ahead and give it a shot. I won’t since I’ve learned MMOs are habit-forming time sinks I can’t afford. But to anyone else with time, go for it. At least now it is F2P so you can spend 1 hour on a weekend and come back to it any time.

I wonder if my account would even still be available…


Never played it, but I remember seeing some CGI trailers for this games and they were always awesome.


Friend showed me this yesterday and I was like eh… I’m trying to stay away from MMOs, microtransactions makes it less likely I’ll touch it too, even if it’s shiny. >.<