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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order [News]


I don’t know if anyone cares about the game, I do, but there’s some new information out for it and Fallout: New Vegas writer Chris Avellone (KOTOR2 & others) is working on it too. He confirmed he finished work for it earlier on social media.

Gamerant article~

What do you think? Do you have hope for this game, or do you fear it’ll flop?

(I’ll update the OP as more info is release and whatnot of course)


I’m hopeful but… EA.


Flop = 95% :smiley:


Prediction - cancelled 2 days before launch.


No worries it’s not like I was actually going to pay for an EA game if ye catch me drift!


Don’t say such horrifying things, it is too much to bear! :sob:


What makes the me the most hopeful is how carefully I imagine they’re handling this release after the fiasco that was Star Wars battlefront 2, especially since that appears to actually be pretty good.

If they handle this release well it could put them back into a lot of good graces.


Yea, that and that they have decided to pick some talented folk to work on this. I think that could mean they’re taking this far more seriously and they know they can’t take another near flop they’ve been having.


I really want a good star wars game that gives me t hat true feeling of being apart of the universe like Battlefront II (2005) did. However knowing EA, Multiplayer is bound to be there focus as per usual. So I’m sure we can expect crappy micro transactions and a ton of limitations just because its EA. However I will stay hopeful, as so far this seems like its going to be a decent single player game. I hope all goes well.


If they’re so hell bent on putting in micro-transactions, they should consider something like the system in Warframe. It can be used to give them some $$$$ but it entirely friendly to the playerbase and possible for the players to earn, though through dedication and hardwork, the loot themselves.


Warframe (at least in 2016 when I played, I assume it’s the same), had THE best premium currency system. With some luck, skill, and a good team you could farm rare items without too much issue, and then sell those items on the player regulated market for said premium currency because the devs made it tradeable. This gave you access to premium cosmetics and items faster, to rinse and repeat the grind.


Yup, you can still do that too. There’s a market website that has been made to make it even easier. And now there’s random promo codes on log in for those who wish to buy that goes up to 75% off of Platinum.

Warframe really does have the best system out there. There’s some stuff locked to premium currency, but you can earn that currency yourself without buying it, so nothing is truly locked. Plus, technically, you start with some Plat. I mean it is suggested you use that to open weapon and armor slots, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.


In fairness, if you don’t care about story there is no reason to go out of your way to get Chris Avellone on board.


that’s great! The only reason I don’t still play Warframe is my account is on the PS4 at my parent’s house, and now that I’ve moved out its just soo much to start again on PC.


I doubt EA will put something consumer friendly in terms of microtransactions. I mean, unless somehow they pulled their head out of their arse.