Star Wars: BOBA FETT and OBI-WAN "on hold?"

Welp. Apparently Disney succeeded in nearly running the franchise into the ground.

Reportedly, they’ve put all spinoffs on hold since nobody even bothered to watch Solo. Apparently there’s also a remake project for VIII, but the details are highly conflicted. Anyone know what’s going on?


Of course I do.
[ 10 paragraphs of wild unsupportable speculation ]
So that’s what’s happening behind the curtains at Disney.


Please don’t say cancelled when they are only suspended. That’s a clickbait.

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I didn’t bother seeing Solo and I can’t say I care about those 2 either. The last 3 movies have been so damn boring other than Kylo Ren’s excellent edgy fun times.

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In that case, I fell for the clickbait. OP edited, sorry about that.

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I’ve felt the same about Solo. VII was a great start to a new trilogy despite a terrible orginal trailer. Rogue One is where they lost me… it was poorly written, I didn’t know nor care about any of the characters, and it replaced maybe the one good thing to come out of the Extended Universe: Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors.

Episode VIII was extremely polarizing: Finn was genuinely well written, Rose was okay-I-guess, the casino scene was amazing, Ben Swolo/Rey’s dynamic was genuinely good… and I hated every single other part of the film. They did enough damage to the series that I was already rooting against Solo when it came out. That turned out to be a little unnecessary, since it failed on its own “merits.”

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It’s on hold until they find good regisseur I believe.

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I really didn’t like VII, it was so bland and nothing happened. VIII was actually good to me but probably for all the wrong reasons, the story was nothing but it was fun in the same way as an Adam Sandler movie.
Rouge One was the same dull garbage as VII. If I had to choose the future of Star Wars I’d rather go with the dumb slapstick comedy that is VIII.






The only way in my eyes Mickey and LucasFilms can fix Rian’s mess:

Start Ep IX on the planet where Luke died, darkest of nights, all creepy af, and then you faintly hear Palpatine’s story he told Anakin:

"Darth Plagueis was a Dark Lord of the Sith, so powerful and so wise he could use the Force to influence the midichlorians to create life… "

Theeeeen, you see a ship arriving… Dark figure comes out, you all know who it is now and what’s gonna happen…

The simple question as to why plagueis would resurrect Luke would make a far better set of films than both sequel episodes combined…

I know, i’m nuts. But Disney still has a chance at redemption by hiring me xD

Edit: Oh but Jar jar Abrams isn’t much better imho…


I… don’t really think that would fix anything. I don’t care that Luke is dead… I even expected it of them. Death before Dishonor.

There is no way to fix Episode VIII without actually rewriting it.

My own criticisms and proposal for revising VIII are as follows:

Luke was utterly ruined in the film, which tried so hard to be dark and “unexpected” that they ruined all the best characters. Luke, especially, was turned into a bitter and unlikable sociopath. The ending scene would have been a good sendoff if it was a simple “I failed them,” not the contemptible wretch they turned Luke into.

Rose wasn’t as bad as people say, but there’s one big problem: she’s a moral paragon with no character. She should have despised Poe for screwing up everything, getting the fleet into the situation and more importantly getting her sister killed. F___ THAT GUY! She should have gotten them detained in the prison by doing something reckless to the dealers that she hated, being a more vengeful and unpredictable character. This would be completely in character with the way she grieves in the beginning and turns on Finn the moment she realises he’s trying to desert. On that note…

Poe lives in his own world. He gets away with everything, and he’s treated like this fan-favorite. He needed to face some repercussions for multiple costly screw-ups, he needed to die, and he should have been the one to charge into the battering ram (and it should have gone off anyway, damaged and not as effective as it should have been).

Finally, Leia should have been the one to fly the ship at the end. Poe should have actually faced some repercussions for his mutiny, and there should have been more foreboding that he was making the wrong call.

That’s how I would have fixed it, anyway. The core plot was almost good, but in execution it managed to destroy every character and generally treat the series with a complete lack of respect. Take a few notes from Gears on how to reboot a beloved franchise.

Phew, that’s a lot to say about a bad movie. Happy to report that I just saw The Incredibles 2 and it exceeded my expectations by far. Go see it with the money you put aside for Solo.


I saw Ep VIII the first time and i might have been in some sort of a shock condition, i just though meh…

Oh that second viewing was a real eye opener to the state of holywood these days…
They just had to disneyfy star wars.

I think i hate just about everything about it:

Paper bombers, they get 1 shot by tie fighters (Also refer to stormtrooper aim).


Poe’s an idiot, despite getting shit done amidst yo mama jokes

Hux is an idiot

Phasma was wasted… Again

Rose / What’s his name stuttering guy /The whole casino sequence = Boring af

Finn’s an idiot

Leia is now Mary Poppins (Ppl in the theater were laughing their asses off the first time tho… Me included)

Snoke. “I cannot be beaten!” gets beaten seconds after.
(Not to mention Kylo and Ma-Rey-Sue should have been decimated by the imperial guards. Lore yo)

Luke, the man who turned himself into the empire, always the eternal optimistic that he could turn his father good, gets afraid that his nephew may have turned and tries to kill him.

etc etc etc etc etc

That’s why i didn’t go to see Solo, in a nutshell, and i’m guessing a lot of people are thinking the same way as well, even a good part of the “silent” majority that doesn’t do RT or metacritic

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i liked solo

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