Star Trek Geeks and others

I’m not really an official Trekkie except when it comes to the Science Doctor, Spock. Its actually one of my nicknames because I’ve been questioning things all my life telling people since I was 4 or 5, “That is not logical” and having people become extremely irritated with me.

So while on the new, boring Tumblr a few days ago,I found this link

Old School Science Fiction

and the image below which I thought might interest some of you - if not, well chalk it up to me being a severe introvert and out of touch with what’s going on with the ‘real world’ and ignore it please.

On this day in 1967, the Star Trek TOS episode “Tomorrow is Yesterday” was broadcast.

Favorite lines:

Captain Kirk : We’re from your future. A time warp placed us here. It was an accident.

Captain John Christopher : You seem to have a lot of them.

Few and rare are those who can successfully sass The Kirk.

I do like Science Fiction-Fantasy for reading purposes and this from Asimov, "Trekkies are intelligent, interested, involved people with whom it is a pleasure to be, in any numbers.

Ila in Maine


My mom is completely obsessed with Star Trek, so since I was very young I’ve been watching it with her.

We went to the movies together to watch all the recent ones, and I’m constantly given the task of finding new Sci-fi movies and TV shows for us to watch.

One she loved almost as much as Star Trek was Firefly. All alround fantastic TV show and one of the main actresses is Brazilian :yellow_heart:

Thanks so much for the link! Will definitely give it a look as I had my mom watching Star Trek on one side and my dad reading classic sci-fi on the other as I was growing up. Asimov is definitely one of his favorites.

Any particular books or short stories you personally recommend? :blush:


Just stopping by to say Hello. I’m from Maine as well.


When I was in a STEM class in college, the professor asked. “How many of you have watched Star Trek?” Very few people raised their hands.

Then he asked, “If you didn’t watch Star Trek, how are even interested in this degree?”

It got laughs but I can definitely see what he was getting at. Star Trek is a fun show to watch and re-watch. I’ve seen all the episodes with Kirk, Picard, Sisco, and Janeway. After those series, I didn’t feel too interested and just re-watched those when I wanted.

When Star Trek Online came out, I bought life-time membership. I don’t play it anymore and its F2P, but at least its still around.

Though there was this one recent series that kinda got me entertained. The Orville. It’s humor was wacky which I didn’t care for. I mean, if I wanted silly conversations and inappropriate comments and gestures, I’d play Star Trek: Bridge Crew. But at least The Orville was entertaining in other aspects.

PS: I’m not a Trekkie nor a Geek. Just a fan of the series who never dresses up or buys their merchandise.


Another fan of The Orville here, and please dont get me started on how the new ST:D is bad please!


Ditto on Orville :heavy_heart_exclamation: ST:D is the pitts. NTM the fact they are blatantly “milking the cash cow” by using CBS Access or whatever they call. It doesn’t affect me because I use an Android box but others don’t or won’t use that option. Gene is probably rolling over in his grave for about the 16th or more time.

Most people here know I was “born to watch/read Sci fi”. So I won’t even go into that.

Thanks for the link, @sewcraftyme; I am now following it(not like I have the time to do it justice right now. I have less than 2 days to countdown before the big surgery.)

I really, really, really, REALLY wish they had Medical Tricorders like in ST. I could use one right now.:sweat:


Hi, thanks for the interest. I’ll answer as best I can and hope it helps.

I follow

Goodreads List of Groups

Groups by subject at Goodreads and I read mostly by mood. I love books with dragons in them, where the dragons are part of the story and not being cast as evil and being slayed.

Dragonriders of Pern

has to be one of my absolute favorite series of all time. I’m a true sucker for anything animal related, and this series has stood the test of time. There are 3 books in this series, but many that follow after Pern by her that are just as magnificent. The books won’t serve as doorstops as some will, they’re perfectly sized and I find them to be perfectly paced.

Since Amazon bought Goodreads I’m not sure if you have to be a member (its free) to view the page anymore.

Mercedes Lackey is a very good author as well and is extremely prolific. Marion Zimmerman Bradley is another whose books I have read all of and have kept. Terry Brooks and his Sword of Shannara trilogy, which is only the tip of what he has written I recommend highly.

I can’t say anything about movies or TV shows as I don’t own a TV at all. If I did, and I could afford cable the only thing I would be interested in watching would be baseball - my Red Sox.

Happy reading.

Ila in Maine



Which part of Maine are you from? I live in the 2nd largest city - which is always confused with the city in Oregon with the same name.

The owner of Yelp and I sometimes email and kid each other about which of our cities is the best and how many seasons we have.

I’m from Maine via KY with a stop in Orlando, FL for boot camp, then CA for duty at a Naval Weapons Station.

When I was in college our biology professor had a guest professor on loan from the U of Orono co-teach part of the class with him. He brought in slides (this was 1979) of the tidal pools with all the interesting creatures in them, pictures of the coast, and other Maine scenery and I knew right then that this was where I wanted to live.

I’ve always been a water lover, though I can’t swim and I do not float. Yes I’ve heard it :alien: you were in the Navy and you can’t swim?? Well you don’t have to fly to be in the Air Force so what’s your point?

The other place I’d love to live is Alaska but I doubt that will happen.

Ila in Portland, ME


Oh sweet Portland. I live in Westbrook the neighboring town.




I actually had no idea where to post this lol

Star Trek: Online Otherworldly Game Pack
Activates on

The Otherworldly Pack includes:

Exclusive Title: Otherworldly
Klingon Miracle Worker Bridge Officer
Elite Services Starter Pack
36 Inventory Slots
36 Bank Slots
2 Bridge Officer Slots
3 Retrain Tokens

The game actually looks good and its F2P on all platforms.


While this popped up again, anyone see the new Star Trek cartoon trailer coming out in August?

It’s on CBS all access. Which, I think, means they want you to pay to watch it. No thank you. It looks like its just Orville+Futurama mixed. And I think it has some guy from Rick&Morty (which I’ve never watched but I’ve get the premise). This show should have been an Orville spin-off. But Star Trek fans will not accept this as Star Trek canon. Oh, and upvotes/downvotes #s & comments were disabled. That’s not a good sign either.

I only ever watched Netflix. Now I don’t because now everything is trying to be a streaming service. Netflix, Hulu, CBS all access, Disney+, HBOmax, etc. Who would want to pay for every subscription when everything was so easily in one place beforehand? Nope. I guess video streaming is dying like when cable channels were cut out to be resold for more profit.


you know they are desperate when they do something like this and call it star trek


Hey there. Non trekkie here. What I’m about to say is someone who is more interested in animation than Star Trek.
So I have seen the trailer and while I am admittedly not impressed with it and definitely agree it can be mistaken as some R&M clone, it’s honestly not as horrifying as some have made it out to be. It’s just your by the road adult cartoon with characters spouting catchphrases and stuff. Hopefully they can branch out to at least have an interesting story in the backside where it keeps thing fresh, characters that are interesting and endearing and the humour would be more presentable than the trailer shows.
At least the animation is more interesting to look at than most other shows of this type: there is at least some fluid movement despite being tweened. You can tell they at least tried something with the artstyle and animation even if the end result is only adequate, and I know I will get flack for this because it is derivative of a certain adult cartoon mentioned earlier. This also reminds me of a other show with a somewhat similar artstyle: Final Space. I haven’t watched it yet but I hear some good things around it so maybe one day I could give it a shot.
So overall, I’m not impressed by this but the massive dislikes and negative comments are a bit much for my tastes. Maybe it’s because I tolerate these kinds of shows that I am feeling that way but I’m hoping this at least turns out decent. It’s not a good look when they decide to hide ratings and comments, though, and while I understand they can be overbearing for anyone, especially the team working on the project, this also has a chance to alienate their audiences even more.
It’s not looking too good, but I’ll see until a whole season comes out if they still feel that same way.