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Staggered sales for Coin Shop games?


Tying coin shop games to actual purchases?

Sorry but no, no thank you.


Maybe instead of using coins to buy games, a wheel of fortune could be added and we spend our coins on spins to win the game? As an example a cheap spin could cost 1000 coins with 1/12 chance to win. Then 3000 for 1/6 and 6000 for 1/3. It might even out the distribution of keys and maybe give later timezones more of a chance.


yeaaaah i dont agree on that

if people want to enter raffles, there are sites such as indiegala or steamgifts for that. I personally see no reason to change the system into a lottery. The way I see it is if I have enogh coins i should be able to buy the game, period. No other middleman and BS gates attached to it.

People need to understand that the amount of games avalaible vs the amount of people wanting said games will always be unequal, and no amount of tweaking will change that. Transforming the store into a raffle would drive away a lot of users, myself included as why waste my time on merely a chance to possibly win said game and paying with my hard earned coins for it?


It’s not hard though. It is free and a single click per day if you choose to. I hear your point too, it’s very valid. I was just throwing out an idea.


PIG EMOJIS YES :pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig::pig:


I mean true but its harder to justify collecting your points when you arent even guaranteed to get anything for it and why in such case, I can almost guarantee you, most people wont even bother with it.

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Speak for yourself. Plenty of us have been working really hard, for years, on our Smaug cosplays.


well that one is worth the hassle haha