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Staggered sales for Coin Shop games?


I’m sorry for letting it get this out of hand as well, and appreciate you trying to bring up what happened on as a potential comparison of the side effects of staggered releases.


I guess these are really common side-effects of this type of ‘service’ growing . You get more people . generating more and more coins , effectively reducing value of coins . I remember when coin shop games were few thousands coins at most , now they are over 10k almost always .

On one hand you could say it’s a free stuff so they have no incentive or means to put higher stock of game keys and that’s why coin shop games ( at least good ones ) sell out in hours . On the other hand increased amount of people means , at least theoretically , more people buying daily deals for cash which in turn should give them resources to increase coin shop stocks.

I could be considered a ‘lucky’ one in this case. New coin shop games goes live at 7 PM for me and i know they will every second friday so i , if i have means to at the moment , just check what’s up and grab a key if games seems interesting. For someone like you who sleeps at that time it sure must be dissapointing though only ‘cure’ would be to simply have bigger quantity of keys available . Somehow limiting distribution of keys , putting number of them on hold or any such action would also leave many people unhappy.


That sounds like annoying tbh I rather be able to get the key as soon as its been redeemed. Even though ive missed out on games that went real quick.


The point of the site is the daily deal, not the coin shop - so if anyone who has bought a game in the fortnight preceding the new games day (on a rolling basis) is allocated a token they can have dibs in the coin shop queue for the first 24 hours. Then the coin shop games go live to the general populace a day later…that way it’s a fairer system.


I think I like this idea the most. 24 hours gives everyone in every timezone an opportunity to “bid” for a game they want at a time convenient to them.

But perhaps it could be improved by actually making it an auction. At the end of 24 hours, if bids outnumber keys, the price gets raised by a certain amount. Those that still want the game bid the additional price during the next 24 hours, and those that don’t are refunded their coins. This continues until the end of a 24 hour cycle when the number of remaining bids is equal to or less than the number of keys, at which point keys are distributed and any remaining keys stay at the higher price.

Edit: I also like xist’s idea - people that buy something within the previous 2 weeks get to avoid the auction entirely and get their key immediately.


Sounds like a lot of hassle. Might just as well do it so you get to make a bid and after 24h the keys are then handed out to people in order of how much they’ve offered to pay, if keys runs out lower bidders are refunded their coins. Maybe set a lowest cost that you can’t bid under. Then if you really really super want that one game you can just throw your 90k coins at it and be pretty sure you’ll get it. Wont get anything else for a year or two.

This is an entirely terrible idea and I don’t like it at all. I’ve stayed away from this topic thus far because we’ve already argued most these point several times already and I loathe repeating myself.


That thought came to mind after I’d posted - I believe it’s called a sealed bid auction. That would certainly limit the time people have to wait before receiving keys.

I can understand why people might not like this or any of the other alternatives on offer, and this may well be partly why the current method of releasing coin shop games has not changed. To my mind the question at hand here is - What is the most equitable way of distributing a finite resource to a greater number of recipients? A question which no doubt many have pondered throughout the ages.

While I share the timezone of the OP and agree it’s an inconvenience, I’m not too bothered if I miss out. Ultimately what is on offer is a form of entertainment that’s being handed out for free, which will more than likely just sit in my collection until I (if ever) find the time to play it. And if it looks like a game I really want I can just thank for introducing me to it and go out and buy it myself.

There are far more important things in life that people miss out on - like food, shelter, and love - and it’s worth keeping that in perspective.


(this comment is based on the original post, i personally don’t see the need for such system but i’m leaving my 2 cents anyway)

didn’t read all the comment but instead of multiple stage, i would divide all the time zone in 5 groups.
release X amount of keys per group (ratio of account per group) at 12 pm for each group and after X hours for the latest group all the unsold key would be purchasable by anyone


The very moment they change the coin shops to any sort of raffle/auction/lottery nonsense will be the same moment when my foot will be out the door and I wont come back (and im sure many people feel the same).

This isnt, it doesnt need to be like that site. People yelled at me over it and I know this is an unpopular opinion but they cant always make things fair for everyone, period. Its not about attempting to make it fair or not attempting but about adding unnecessary workload over something that wouldnt magically solve issues and you would see the same complaining anyway.

You dont shoot pigeons with canons, in the same vein you cannot exactly evenly distribute lets say, 1000 keys if there are 10k people rushing through the door trying to get the game first.


All according to keikaku


i’ve brought this issue up before and been told it was being looked into, clearly nothing changed.

the system is clearly unfair to people in certain timezones or people that just dont/cant check the site at X time, now i realize complaining about free things isn’t exactly life breaking but having a system where everyone gets a fair shot has only got to be a good thing for the site. i’ve never missed out on a deal or a coin game because of this, but should it happen through no fault of my own then yea i would probably stop coming back


obvious aim assist on that one



ever considered that maybe the system isnt broken as you think it is? (at least from that regard)


@ OP

Fortunate vs unfortunate - you can always just buy the game with money instead of whining here. I have to sit and watch the same Napkin Folder Tycoon game, a retro-pixel, rogue-lite sit available on the coin shop for weeks upon weeks because no one really wants the shovelware being offered.

Need to set up a macro to collect the coins every day, it’s just not worth checking in for one click and 24 coins.


weird how something which isn’t even worth 1 click is however worth creating a post and nagging about it


Have to let off some steam now and then, clicking a button doesn’t quite match that feel.


LMAO @ Napkin Folder Tycoon game wtf :joy:



Damn, why is all the good stuff never in MY coin shop?? That sounds awesome.


Except making it 100 percent fair would be to make it all coin shop games avalaible through raffle which would turn down a lot of ppl from bothering with it to begin with

Every other suggestions ive seen popping up of how it could be supposedly made more fair would just make the system even more problematic.

Right now the main idea should be to reduce the influx of coins surplus ppl have on them, which first could be solved by having more coin shop games to buy from (even if smaller ones) or alternatively being able to use coins for small discounts with the daily deal games.

Or heck, let us redeem coins for emojis/whatever