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Spring Cleaning Event @Steam May 21 - May 28 2020




Quickly handled once I remembered that idlemaster can idle any one particular game in your library without having to install it first.


And for those who wonder, you farm it like this:


Any good deals?


It doesn’t seem to be related to any specific sale at all.


Everything went on sale a minute ago. Okay maybe not everything, but it seemed like a lot…


wait, that was the whole event? no forced bs about redoing it every day for the week, just go through 7 games and that’s it you’re done? :thinking: am i missing something?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


so far, I rly see nothing out of the ordinary in terms of sales at all; some publishers sales and some weekly sales, just the usual so far


Yeah it doesn’t seem to be a ton but I did get the usual email with like 50 wishlisted games on sale shortly after your post. I rarely get more than 2 on a regular day so I assumed a sale just kicked off.
But nah this event seems to be a whole lot of nothing except the badge.


makes sense, but though i only have 40-something items wishlisted, i usually get 10-20 on sale or something, and this time only 2, which is why i went to check store front and saw it wasn’t like a thematic sale or anything like that, which begs the question what the point to this is in the first place. I guess it’s just to make ppl more acquainted with the new library functions or something.


It isn’t a sale event? Ah man.


To be honest, I like this event :wink:


Wait… IdleMaster can only Idle games with card drops doesn’t it? If you do not have any game with cards available to drop it won’t idle any game doesn’t it? :thinking:


No I believe it can idle just about anything. You just have to make a shortcut or other means of launching it with a steam ID as extra argument.
“steam-idle.exe 366080”

There, I just idled a soundtrack.


Oh I didn’t know about that :scream:


Steam’s spring cleaning events usually aren’t sale events if I’m remembering correctly though :thinking::sunflower:


Thanks for the hot tip Fraggles, breezed through the task and got myself the badge :blush: