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Spooky Horror Bundle on Humble


Decent, the current BTA price is pretty low, so might be of interest to some people.


Not in general interested in horror or scary games but darkwood is one I’ve long been tempted by. $4.38 beats it’s previous lowest by about $1.5 but what am I supposed to do with all that other stuff then?


You can run your own giveaway, or split it with a few others.

Yeah, Darkwood is pretty high on a lot of people’s WL.


I’ve heard good things about Inside and Darkwood, not so much on the other games in there. Beholder 2 is pretty good.

Bad timing for sure, though, with DARQ out there. That game looks dope.



Ding ding!

Seriously though, no wish for Tier 1 - too much gore, and Darkwood is the only thing in Tier 2 I’d want - but not 100% sure I can run it. Still, it’s good to see it in a bundle, pre-Halloween.

Guess you’d have to save the excess titles for giveaways. I can’t do Bundle Splits because of limitation on receiving Foreign Exchange in my country.



Butcher is not horror at all - it’s just violent gore FUN FEST and it’s a bit tough how I like 'em! :slight_smile:

I think you will like it as well. One of the best games I picked up from the coin shop here at chrono.


Hmm. Darkwood looks like an interesting game ( i think i have it on my WL ) and i guess Agony , as bad as everyone says it is , for 0.9$ is still a good buy even if to just mess around a bit. If you are into that sort of thing ofc.


If I wasn’t scared of my own shadow I’d probably get it for Darkwood and giveaway the rest… but I know I’ll never play it because I scare so easily :fearful:


I’m REALLY tempted to get Darkwood… gonna sleep on it… :butterfly:


That’s part of the fun. ^^ Me too, lol.


Its so true… its a weird double edge sword!