Special Deal on The Night of the Rabbit! Normally $27.99 CA

And if you scroll down to the bottom it has :

"Buy The Night of the Rabbit Premium Edition
Includes Original Soundtrack (41 tracks), 8 audio books (160 minutes total running time) and a wonderful game comic by Olga Andriyenko.

SPECIAL PROMOTION! Offer ends 19 April



I was staring at this yesterday, thinking about getting it. It’s 24.99 normally, and 2.49 US right now.

I think I have purchased too many games lately, so I will pass, but a really good deal nontheless.


the game seems very interesting and has excellent ratings, I think I’ll buy: 3
Thanks @delenn13 :star_struck::star_struck:

PS: (here in Brazil the premium version is R$ 2,49)
PSS: (Currency of here)


cool :smiley:
i just bought this jank,

for 50cents :smile:

convinced to buy it purely on the premise TB thinks it’s a terrible video game that’s more fun to play than it had any right to :joy: -figured i had to see and try that myself for the 50cents bargain “bin”:wastebasket: deal
(hell i think i paid more for Bad Rats than this :rofl:)

still undecided on/about this bunny’s deal on “The Nigh of the Rabbit”…:thinking: but looks like i have over a week to think about it :+1:


So…this is supposed to be good???

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It seems to be y, though not everyone in the reviews agrees. I have Deponia (the first 3) and rly enjoyed that but did not finish it (one of many).


i haven’t played it yet, but comes off as it’s sorta the “it’s bad - but fun” hack 'n slash action/“spectacle” fight game
TB said “it should be awful, but it’s kinda fun. A lot of people are gonna call this terrible, and they are right, it absolutely is, but it’s terrible in all the right ways. A terrible video game, that is surprisingly fun to play”
i get the sense like, it’s not God of War or Devil may cry, ofc it’s not, those are the “oscar winners”
marlow briggs is the silly 90’s action b-movie, (i’m thinking probably like steven seagal movies etc,) that are never gonna win any awards, but despite being low budget/quality, still might be satisfying enough some nights when you’re not in the mood for God of War/DmC/Darksiders award seriousness :smile:
for 50cents i figured it was worth trying and finding out for me how i’d like/feel about it
(after i’m done replaying the delicious refined nectar that is Darksiders) :joy:

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