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Soulfire - free on Steam



Get it via SteamDB: (green Install button; requires Steam launcher).


worked for me. looks like a nice 2D souls-like action game.
Thank you.


Is this limited time or ?


I see it full price.


You have to get it through the page. I’ve always wondered if that’s a legitimate way to do it though, is this organized by the dev to give it away through steamdb or is it some sort of exploit going on?

Though it looks like a Chinese mobile game by the account of some of the negative recommendations.


Just says: Error unable to load information about this item.
Is it region locked?


At work right now, so I might try this later at home, but then again, what’s the point if I probably won’t play it? So maybe not. I have a tendency to click on everything free these days and it’ll probably be the death of me one day.

Thanks for the clarification though.


The store page has no buy or install button, something is off.


Thanks for sharing but I’m not into battle royale games, so I’ll skip it.


I just checked to see if it was still there and it is. Is this not the page you’re seeing?


No, I mean at the steam store page.


So I’m guessing someone made a mistake somewhere which made it possible for the package to be requested for free. The devs see a sudden influx of thousands of users who have not paid, panic not understanding the actual problem and fruitlessly remove the possibility of buying it from steam.

Going to be interesting to see if this game will stick around in my library or get removed at some point.


really odd how this works even, I clicked on the green button…

They should be happy there are all of a sudden more players, since there’s more in-app purchases it seems.

#14 Apparently what happened here with Soulfire has already happened before with a good couple of other game. I’m not convinced that obtaining the game like this is legal.


well, it’s definitely an unintentional loophole and as such I don’t mind if they revoke all of the key.


If anyone thought this game looked like something they’d really like to try out but were put off by the idea of claiming it through steamdb, it has now gone free to play and they just released out of early access.

So have at it.


So soulfire is now free to play on steam