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Sonic Steam Keys Giveaway - GONE


Got some keys for games I already own, so decided to give them away :slight_smile:
I also put in a few underscores that will hopefully prevent bots from taking them, just replace them with the letter/number I tell you.

Sonic Generations (With DLC) - TAKEN

Sonic Adventure DX - TAKEN

Please let me know if you got any of the codes, so I can update the title!


I have activated Sonic Generations, thank you very much! Wanted to snatch DX, too - greedy as I am - but the Steam servers were down and now I’ve got a time out for attempting too many activations, because I’ve closed the loading screen and tried again.

Oh, shit, sorry to disappoint you @KingJamezJr :sweat_smile:


oh nvm then


its all good i hope you enjoy the game


Enjoy it! :slight_smile:


Will do! Thanks again!

Google says the cooldown for key activation takes 60 minutes, so Adventures DX should still be up for grabs!


steam servers down? I can’t activate dx

thanks for this though


Yeah…My timing was bad :expressionless:


Guess someone snatched Adventure DX without saying anything.


Seems to be the case. I double-checked right now as well, and it gave me the usual “sorry, this key has already been activated” error message. Oh well :man_shrugging: .


It seems so