Some usability suggestions for as time goes

So after watching the site for deals I don’t own and also want and finally buying a few things I will go through things that I feel could improve the site:

  • Paypal support, I know you’re on it just voicing my support
  • App support, if my own workload wasn’t filled I’d under cut my usual rate just to have this available. I know it’s planned but not anytime soon.
  • Currency conversion, this would help many people. As a Canadian only seeing in USD is not exactly the most convenient. However I know it’s a lot of work so no rush here.
  • A link to the Steam page of the game, Steam already posts lots of info such as ESRB, Metacritic score, and shows a community score.
  • Display of one or two “box quotes” pulled from either Steam Curators you are partnered with or from one of the larger game sites.
  • A review score section from several sites. Just the Steam Community score and metacritic score. Maybe include a few others.
  • Thumbs up or down on each daily deal.
  • Maybe once you start to chew through the current queue of games add a community voting. Maybe allow us to vote on return sales if we miss them so you know what to bring back.

As for a feature I’d never expect to see but could be nice: full Steam Curator integration so I can see what those curators I subscribe to say.

Just figured I’d give my opinions.


Thanks for the thorough feedback Squirrelkiller! I’ll break it down point-by-point 'cause these are all good suggestions:

  • PayPal: Heard loud and clear! :wink:
  • App: Definitely on the roadmap, can’t wait to get to it one day.
  • Currency conversion: Totally agreed that it would be nice improvement. This one is just about finding time to fit it in.
  • Steam link: Don’t disagree about having a Steam link. Will bring this up with the rest of the team.
  • Reviews: We’ve gone back and forth on reviews. It’s something we’ll definitely keep thinking about.
  • Community voting: This is an interesting concept, one that we’ll likely have to put a ton of thought into as it would impact the entire site pretty drastically.
  • Steam integration: Another thing we’ve done some thinking on. It would be really cool, but will require quite a bit of work to do well.

We really appreciate the feedback, as a product guy I love stuff like this. Keep it coming! :rocket:


Yeah as a new customer that has literally just joined the site, Great site and Idea by the way!, I want to second that idea about a “View on Steam” link or button that fourth bullet point that Squirrelkiller posted.

I did some searching on here and this was the first result to come up about adding that as a feature so I’m posting here, sorry for the bump lol.

It is offered on another game store site I buy from called Bundlestars (they have it listed in the bottom section where you find the system requirements and features of the games), I have found it to be extremely useful when I’m looking for expanded information on a game to decide to buy it.

I’m not sure if it’s an idea that’s easily doable or time consuming for you guys but I could tell you I would most definitely use it. Thank you also for the opportunity to get good games at great prices, great service and I look forward to being a customer for a long time to come. :slight_smile:


Glad you’re enjoying the site Hawkins!

An update on the Steam link: We’ve all agreed it’s a good idea so we’ve added it to our pipeline. We’re heads down on PayPal support at the moment, but once that’s up and running (soon!) we’ll get the Steam link out. :slight_smile:

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