Some good suggestions for this amazing website (FOCUSED IN THE WEBSITE!)

I’m a fan of this website and enjoy a lot your work!
For the website, you should put ads to earn more money to work on it.
I really will enjoy to be able to pay with bank slip too because i don’t use credit card and i’m from Brazil.
Maybe we can be able to see our profile image from the Comunity in the Main page too.
I would like to see in the Coin Store Star Wars Battlefront II from the year 2005 if you can, I really enjoy this game =)
Anyway keep working on this website!
This is mine suggestions for now. Hope you like and work on it.


What are these ad things you speak of?


Seriously though, not the best idea. Ads on free content sites are perfectly acceptable, but I wouldn’t want to see third-party ads on sites that are trying to sell me something (i.e. Chrono, Humble Store, Fanatical, etc.). Not that I really see them anyway :smile:


Ditto what @DanosaurJr said. I always have my ad blocker on. I never watch commercials on TV either…


You can suggest games from the main Chrono site, at the bottom of the main page, or link here: Suggest Game

EDIT: Hmm… I just looked at the suggest page, it seems more to be for developers who want to market at Chrono…

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Personally…most the time, I think they are reading my Wish List.:scream:


They would have to spend a long time deciding which games to get… :rofl: I read through your wishlist a few weeks ago… I think I had it open for several hours, I was trying to look at it from work, of course… kept flipping back to it…


OMG, I hope you had popcorn :popcorn:or something…It’s a LONG READ!!!


I spent all of my free time that day clicking on the games and watching their trailers, it was rather enjoyable actually. :smile:


If you wish for everything you’ll always get something you wished for.


I knew there was a method to my madness.


But if you wish for nothing, then you’ll always get more than what you wished for :thinking:



i can see why:

:heart:Adblocks, F***off Obnoxious Ads…


ads are fine, though the way they appear is just piss the heck outta me
i mean every 5 minute u watch a video they reappear blocking 1/4 the screen or sometime even pause the video like youtube do (lol) and if it can’t be skipped it’s worst
or the ads that cover 1/2 of the site with tons of irrelevant ads just what the hell is going on, or mislead kind of ads that most of the time my friends fall for… download button you just try to download a file and there’s like 4-5 download button :rofl:


Welcome to the Chrono forums, fellow Brazilian (:

As for bank slips, it’s not that easy for them to make that happen, since the money needs to be deposited somewhere and that involves all kinds of nuisances that people live Valve can afford to put up with, but not everyone else.

With that said, I’m not 100% sure how easy or hard it would be for them to work with services like Xsolla, though. Let’s see if we hear from them on that department!

Anyways, hope to see you around!



Thanks for the feedback and ideas! I’ll look into using the community avatars elsewhere on the site.

Also happy to report that we’re looking into additional payment options but it will take some time until we launch that support. :slight_smile:


I am absolutely staggered that anyone could seriously be encouraging the addition of advertising. Not only can they be intrusive, inappropriate and a potential security risk, but Chrono already has a revenue stream. If I were to start a forum or a podcast tomorrow, then conceivably I’d include ads to generate revenue to cover the running costs as there would be no other way to generate funds for that expenditure (although that’s probably unlikely given the payoff’s from ad views). However, If you’re already selling things, including ads would dilute your own brand and send a message of uncertainty regarding sustainability.

Now I don’t think for a minute Chrono would add advertising to the site, but I’m surprised people are actually pro the inclusion of them. I can’t think of a single instance where an advert has ever enhanced my browsing experience…far more often the latter. I sick of my antivirus going haywire or the popups/unders…