Sold OUT...

All the Free games are Sold Out. Why?..
Cheating free games or what?

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If you’re seeing the shop showing all free games sold out, then something is going on with your browser lying to you. I can still see Brigador and Dustforce DX being available as nobody claimed it (aside from the test purchases by staff). If you meant Hammerwatch and Reign, then see below:

Most of us have started collecting coins daily when the coin shop launched earlier this month, so what happens is that groups of people can afford the same game at around the same time, but because the amounts for the bonus coins are random (including zero), some of us can’t afford it yet, and need another day or two, while others have JUST BARELY managed to get enough and have decided to use their coins now. Think of it this way, if you miss a free game, then know that you are now part of the group who can afford a free game that costs more coins, because the previous groups who grabbed Hammerwatch and Reign can no longer get any of the other two before you. Of course, there are people like me who have been saving up coins so we would be eventually be able to afford games like Dustforce DX or Brigador. In which case, we would be part of the same group as you, but not the groups who grabbed Hammerwatch or Reign, as they have to start almost from the beginning (they would have around >200 coins left).

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I’m with @K16 on this one. From what I can remember, (and by that I mean the notification that was shown to me when I changed my display picture), the website is highly reliant on caching. This might be causing your problems.

Best thing to do is refresh the page. If it doesn’t work, remove the cache that is saved on your web browser (might delete some saved credentials like usernames and passwords). If this still doesn’t work, I can only assume that this is now server-side.


No need to risk deleting everything. Ctrl-F5 will reload the page without using the cached version. is actually a site. :neutral_face:

I’m not sure how the site is designed but it seems there’s a few pages that the browser should be told to never rely on the cached version. Pretty much purchase and Coins pages (if the site is down where a cached version would be useful it’s not really useful on those pages because the site is down). I suspect whatever element in the site is used to tell the browser how long to use a cached page for is site-wide, rather than page-by-page. A potential problem could be server-side caching. The user end can’t fix that.

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Out of curiosity, is this also the cause for coins going missing for several people? I have yet to see this myself, but I have been taking pictures to serve as proof should this happen to me as well. Because a cached page causing things to look like all games sold out, or coins going missing is a bit weird to me, because my understand of caching is to load a previously downloaded page. But if my previous session would’ve shown games available for sale and coins collected, then how would I be loading a version that shows absolute confusion? Or is it something like a server-side client-side mismatch, so part of the elements is being loaded from a cache, and the other part (like real-time statistics) would be downloaded which may have failed, causing a very confused browser? This is weird.

I want ARG games to have that though, to give off the supernatural ghost feeling when solving puzzles with a community though. Each player seeing something different could be interestingly creepy.

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If you’re seeing all the shop games sold out, please send us an email at with your browser and OS info and we’ll take a look at that.

I’m guessing though that they’re just commenting on multiple games being sold out.

As for caching, that has been something we’ve been working on, but most of the issues should be solved at this point. Caching definitely wouldn’t be showing the games as sold out, and the issue with people “losing” their coins isn’t an issue per se (you don’t need to worry about it @K16) , and doesn’t involve caching.


Ok cool. I was getting sick of taking pictures every day to ensure the most up to date coin balance and transaction history. Heheh. I’ll stop being paranoid then.

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