So this store is a scam? I want my GAME!!!!

I order a game, pay through paypal, deal is closed. Now I receive a paypal reply that I have to return to this site to confirm my purchase. I LITERALLY GAVE THE SITE PERMISSION TO CLOSE THE DEAL!!!1111!11!1!!1!!!1!!!1!!! On my account there is no single shred of info of my purchase, or anything to confirm so I have nothing. I could try again but maybe I get billed again so no, no deal for me.

Do you have ANY EXPERIENCE with running an online store at all, how things work? Never had such an amateuristic experience before, What a fkn craphole store!!!11!!!1!1!111!!!11!1!!!11!1!!1!!!1!!!1!!!1!!1!!!111!!!111!!!

chill grampa

send an email to, and they’ll sort u out

they take care of ppl here, so just calm down, and be patient

@lonin @dusty @Ernin8t0r just pinging u guys to make u aware so maybe u can help them asap


Yes it’s a scam, and honestly I’m surprised it’s taken this long for someone to realise. Jokes on you buddy, President Putin doesn’t give refunds.


I don’t have time to chill. This is supposed to be a gift for a friend on Steam, by the time this deal is closed he might already got it (gifted by someone else) and I’m left with a game I already have myself and is useless to me. So I have a good reason to be frustrated. The way how this store handles purchases is ridiculous and needlessly complicated they are begging for purchases to go wrong, never seen anything like this before.

Isn’t this how most online stores work with paypal? choose item, choose paypal, ask paypal if its a ok, back to site to make payment. Something may go wrong on the way through but that hardly makes the site a scam.


That is how any site making purchases through Paypal works. You accept Paypal as an option, log into, accept method (balance or card), and then it processes you back to the website to finalize the purchase. It seems like you never made purchases with Paypal before and closed the site before you actually finalized it. I don’t see how that means the site is a scam.


I understand you’re upset but seriously coming in and immediately cursing out the people here and complaining how crap the store is while making yourself look highly
Immature is not helping anything.

It’s understandable to be upset if you’re trying to give your friend a gift but please calm down. If you have not been charged through PayPal then you clearly didn’t finish the transaction like @Rhyagelle said, and you just need to do it again. If it did go through but you don’t have the key, the staff here can check into it and fix the issue pretty quickly.


Had a bit of a busy day today, so I might not have been able to get around to your ticket. If you let me know what your email is (either here or you can shoot it to me in a DM), I’ll make sure everything gets sorted out. @Grampybone