So im trying to find this game...

I went to this camp and i learned this game, it is a game with no name like it does not have an official name (we just called it the crackhead game tho) and i know like half the rules but i want to find all the other rules so that i can teach the game to my friends. The game works like this… There are 4 or more of any item (like ANYTHING we used a dead bug one time) and you have 2 moves per tern. with these 2 turns you must get all the pieces in a setup that will let you win (example: all the pieces in a line, all the pieces stacked on top of each other or all the pieces connected so that they are in a circle.) and while i know all the rules on how to play i dont know all the ways to win, i know there is a video on all the ways to win but i cant find it anywhere. I was wondering if anyone knows how the game works/knows where to find that video.



I just lost The Game while looking for the answer to your question.

I think we need more info to actually help you. Is there a board? Where are the objects placed? How many players? When did you play this?

And, additionally: have you tried reaching out to those friends and asking them?


If it’s like the camps I’m used to, if he didn’t get their contact details, he’s hosed. It would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack without getting hurt.


Note to self: Never search for “crackhead” again. It’s a far reaching rabbit hole.