SNES Classic Giveaway?

Hello, Chronites, it has been a while. So did anyone receive this today?

I just found it in my junk mail folder and thought it was a scam at first but apparently not. It even has a Chrono styled instruction on how to properly pronounce SNES (It is sness, by the way. Now you know).

So anyway, props for the competition.

How have you all been? Just read a hilarious Pete and Gnuffi beatdown thread on the Chrono.GG Coin Shop games, not being games.

It was marvellous.

EDIT: Apparently the link in the email isn’t working, so here it is again.

Enter SNES Giveaway Here

It is the same as the one @lonin has posted in the other thread, it is just for convenience.

Good Luck


Always pronounced that way, the correct way. You folks from the north that are weird.

fite me 1v1 irl


Lol, I believe you are thinking of this wee beastie.


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This is such a cool thing to do! Is the shipping pre-paid? As an Australian often these competitions are closed to us because the shipping is so expensive.

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