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Favorite sweet…savory…sour…or spicy snack while gaming?
Snap a pic of you enjoying it, share in this thread! Let us know what category(s) of snack it belongs in so others have an idea of what to expect. :wink:

P.S. or if you’re shy, snap a picture of the snack so we know what to buy so we can try it.


I don’t eat near the PC :thinking:


At first glance, your icon looks like a bunch of croissants :croissant::croissant::croissant:
just saying.


No one said anything about eating near books tho :thinking:


@Inferry … oh god what have u done


Happens to be beer for me… if you can count that as a snack :smiley: ( I do )


Chips are our true saviours.
(Salt and vinegar especially)

Although I really enjoy suckers and lollipops.
I had a candy cane from Christmas time when I played Life is Strange. And 2 years later I did the same thing with Captain Spirit so whenever I see those games I immediately crave candy canes :thinking::joy:


@AHMEDJXZ Can’t unsee it now :thinking:

I’m not a big snack person myself, but I do enjoy a good burger or something as a snack every now and then.


For those that love spicy…




Thanks I hate it.


does it fit in my mouth? if yes = eat


and probably a bunch of other stuff “whatever i’m in the mood for” at a given time :yum:




*Gnuffi forgetting 95% snacks posted:
hey hey, almonds don’t give diabetes :wink:
… i think ? :thinking:


For me, meals are snacks. And snacking continues all day!

When you burn calories like a forest fire it just has to happen. (Or maybe I am just really fat, DON’T YOU JUDGE ME).

oops, forgot the image:
Todays Snack


sigh, me too…me too. (At least 2 people here can confirm my fatness, lol)


Ritz Roasted Vegetable crackers with smoked gouda or havarti cheese…or a sharp cheddar if that’s all you can find. :smiley: