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Favorite sweet…savory…sour…or spicy snack while gaming?
Snap a pic of you enjoying it, share in this thread! Let us know what category(s) of snack it belongs in so others have an idea of what to expect. :wink:

P.S. or if you’re shy, snap a picture of the snack so we know what to buy so we can try it.


I don’t eat near the PC :thinking:


At first glance, your icon looks like a bunch of croissants :croissant::croissant::croissant:
just saying.


No one said anything about eating near books tho :thinking:


@Inferry … oh god what have u done


Happens to be beer for me… if you can count that as a snack :smiley: ( I do )


Chips are our true saviours.
(Salt and vinegar especially)

Although I really enjoy suckers and lollipops.
I had a candy cane from Christmas time when I played Life is Strange. And 2 years later I did the same thing with Captain Spirit so whenever I see those games I immediately crave candy canes :thinking::joy:


@AHMEDJXZ Can’t unsee it now :thinking:

I’m not a big snack person myself, but I do enjoy a good burger or something as a snack every now and then.


For those that love spicy…




Thanks I hate it.


does it fit in my mouth? if yes = eat


and probably a bunch of other stuff “whatever i’m in the mood for” at a given time :yum:




*Gnuffi forgetting 95% snacks posted:
hey hey, almonds don’t give diabetes :wink:
… i think ? :thinking:


For me, meals are snacks. And snacking continues all day!

When you burn calories like a forest fire it just has to happen. (Or maybe I am just really fat, DON’T YOU JUDGE ME).

oops, forgot the image:
Todays Snack


sigh, me too…me too. (At least 2 people here can confirm my fatness, lol)


Ritz Roasted Vegetable crackers with smoked gouda or havarti cheese…or a sharp cheddar if that’s all you can find. :smiley:


Like many others out there, my only snack while gaming is liquid in nature.

But here’s something we find only about once a year in stores… And we found it only today, so excited!

(A US quarter and a standard toothpick for comparison):

For those who are not familiar and have never had them

They are Kumquats. (I didn’t make up the name.)

You rinse off the rind and eat the orange rind, it has a mildly tangy and quite sweet citrus flavor. The flesh of the fruit is edible too, but very sour.

It’s one of my favorite fruits… I just am over the moon today finding them for sale. :blush:


What are those things called? Dates?

As a dutchie, my favorite snack has to be frikandellen.


yr picture doesnt display for me, ook al weet ik wel wat frikandellen zijn, and when i click on it it actually tells me i don’t have permission to access that document, rofl