Small bug (numbers not being consistent)

Hi all, first time posting a new topic so please tell me if I’ve done something wrong;

I mentioned this in the Patch Notes thread but I thought it might not be seen there, so here I am writing this: earlier today I bought the daily deal (Super Inefficient Golf), and with it came 50 Bonus Coins, which is very cool; however, when I bought the game I noticed that the number of coins that I have displayed next to my username didn’t update, so I refreshed and it still showed my old coins number, so I went to Transaction History to check that the Bonus Coins were displayed there, and they were. I double checked that I hadn’t made a mistake and added up all the coins I’ve acquired previous (I’m relatively new, so I haven’t spent any yet) and the 50 Bonus Coins I got from my purchase, despite being in my Transaction History, have not been added to my displayed total.

Hopefully I’m not being thick here, I checked Site Feedback for a similar thread but couldn’t find anything; thanks for reading. =)

TL;DR: got 50 Bonus Coins (from Daily Deal purchase), but coin total didn’t update; check Transaction History and they are there, but my total is 50 coins short


Yea, with all the craziness today, it may get missed. If you don’t hear from anyone, you can contact support here :smile:


It is known and being worked on.


@delenn13 @Fraggles thank you both!