Slow Progress

I think Chrono should add some more ways to get coins. It’s so slow when games are just 7500 to 15000 coins.


Welcome, welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay!

EDIT: To anyone wondering… I indirectly hid the answer in my response Dark Souls story telling style. “Hope you enjoy your stay!” = it’s long therm commitment … I have 18 games for free here and I’m sitting at 16k coins +


you should probably take a closer look at the coinshop “past”
if you pay attention you will see mostly “only” the games released during the “e3 special” were 7500 coins-“40k :dizzy_face:
“usually”, mostly the games have been lower, and right around the mark where you could get “at least” 1 game per month
that doesn’t seem “slow”, imo, -since it’s a completely free game you can cash in each month for nothing in return. No forced purchase or nothing, -unlike other sites
if they ramped up the coin amount more/made it even easier, it could be a costly affair(for them), -not to mention make some games even more scarce than they already are to some people…
probably also sound to remember, this is a business after all, not a 100% pure freebie game giveaway charity :wink: