Slime Rancher Has 2 Free DLC's

I won this game in a one of those hinky draws…Just installed it; it’s got drones…LOL :star_struck:

In my activity feed I noticed it had a free DLC…went to check it out and found it had another.

I have 20 friends who have this game and not showing any of them have the DLC.

Yes, I know it’s VR. But I got it; you never know. When the game first opens up, it gives you the option of Choosing VR or not…According to the comments/reviews.


A long time ago in my very first D&D campaign far, far away…

That one time my band camped for the night and whilst on guard duty, I got stuck trying to be a slime rancher


Yes, my fellow D&D nerds, I realize that image depicts a green cube. Well, sometimes when a gelatinous cube and a green slime fall in love…


It appears to just be a few cosmetics, but it’s nice nonetheless.
I recently bought the game and played a good couple of hours of it, it’s pretty good and I definitely need to give it a bit more time.
And I completely forgot to try the VR thing!