Slayaway Camp vs. Dropsy

I’m a huge puzzle game fan yet I’m an even bigger fan of games with dense/emotional/complex stories. What do you guys suggest? Dropsy, Slayaway, or just waiting until the next wave of games? Sadly I don’t have enough for both, but you know I would!

Watch some Youtube videos to help make your decision. If that doesn’t work, try to isolate the negatives of each game that might aggravate you…If that doesn’t work, flip a coin and don’t look back.

I had to make a decision between Slayaway and Brigador about a week ago. In the end I went with SlayAway because I did not want to spend every coin. on Brigador.

Even if you don’t like Dropsy 100%, (which you will, because its awesome) you will definitely love the crap-ton of music you get with the bundle. Dropsy has one of my favorite OST’s EVER. I don’t know anything about Slayaway camp.

As I’ve stated in another tread, it’s a matter of whether or not you care enough to buy either of the two games :stuck_out_tongue:

I decided to go with Dropsy for the music and character. Thanks for the help guys, I’m super excited for the next batch of reveals!