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Skyrim Multiplayer is cooming to life soon.



A mod for Skyrim LE and SE named Skyrim Together is cooming to live soon. It allows you to play with your friends Co-Op. So is there anyone who would be interested to play some Skyrim Co-Op in the future?

Link for more info:


In the future once I’ve built my new PC I can totally see myself being into this, I love Skyrim, 779 hours and I still haven’t finished it


:smiley: Same here.


How can you not be finished??? 214 hours here and I finished everything.


I would say that we already have that -> ESO , but i guess somehow this will be better :smiley:


What does it mean everything? Dont you have any available mission?



413 and i’m maybe halfway? I don’t know, maybe we get more immersed in it than you?

Not interested in multiplayer Skyrim.


I finished all of them aside from the radiant ones that just repeat indefinitely.


You should be banned

I guess you never faced the endless void of mods


I added four just for playability…I didn’t see anything major that grabbed me though. Although I did install Enderal (which is why I can’t screencap my quest screen), I’m actually going to wait for the proper Steam release before I play it.


This sounds awesome i can finally use the Garfield mod with my friends


I’ve done two massive restarts. The civil war questline bugged out but I didn’t realise, I then got distracted for ages and when I came back to it I didn’t have a save close to that time anymore and I would have to loose so many hours, I decided to rage quit instead, the other time I had just the base game and then bought all the DLC and it felt too weird to just begin it when I was so far in, followers of Mirak just showing up all of a sudden was out of place.

Plus I do everything the slow way, if I’m in a dungeon I’m crouched almost the whole time and I never fast travel, I prefer to climb all the steps to High Hrothgar (and then back down again), the only short cut I take is getting the carriage if it’s available


He must pick up every single plant, steals every item, and walks throughout the world sneak crouching.

heh. Really though, I could believe it if he willingly ignores guides and walkthroughs and just runs around killing enemies for fun. Not to mention. Mods are the best!

I think I heard about Skyrim multiplayer 2 years ago and I thought Bethesda threatened them to shut it down.


I had some issues with even finding the bottom of the stairs on the way to High Hrothgar. :smiley:
First time I’ve chosen the Redguard race, got the best armor, skilled all skills to high level (most of them to 100), then I realized it is not that satisfying, so I’ve chosen the best race BRETON and started the game over trying to become Werewolf fastest I can to be able run around the map with insane speed just to discover all the places. That exploring always took me a full day, so after I could freely fast travel whereever I wanted to.
Then somehow I turned to vampire and couldn’t even slow run during the sunny day, so it took me few hours to find out how to transfer back to werewolf.


I bet none of you reached and unlocked the MUSTARD JAR shout!