Skyrim Complete Conversion Mod

As some of you know I recently finished building my PC. Which means I can play modded games like Skyrim. I’ve been wanting to play a complete conversion mod called Enderal: Forgotten Stories which has somehow released on Steam as its own game but still requires normal Skyrim not SE to play. Anyway to the point. I noticed there aren’t any posts on here or at least there aren’t any showing up in the “Your topic is similar to…”

So I just wanted to bring this mod to everyone’s attention. It’s a free mod, I’ve played a couple of hours so far and definitely plan to play a LOT more. This is actually a sequel or prequel (I always mix those two up) to an Oblivion mod which is getting an English Dub sometime next year and releasing on steam somehow. (Link Below) But if you know German you can go play the original right now. Anyway, the other mod is called Nehrim At Fates Edge which also looks fantastic.

Back to Enderal. When you first start the game, you can tell right away its not a typical mod that adds a new area to Skyrim. They actually put work into this mod. I haven’t played much of it, but from what I’ve played it’s super intriguing and well worth it. The prologue had me intrigued the entire time with some deep, story that is very well voice acted. (That doesn’t sound right but I’m sticking to it) It’s like the prologue could have been its own game.

Enough rambling from me. I really want to bring more attention to this game, so if you have Skyrim or want to check out this mod I have both original Skyrim and Enderal linked below, as well as a link for the Nehrim page on steam. Let me know what you think of the mod.


(This was delisted thats why I’m providing a link)


Sounds cool. Waiting on computer stores myself. Will call to nudge them along tomorrow.


It’s been a Looooong time since I’ve played enderal. I got about halfway through it, and loved it. it’s very difficult, but very well done. Its totally worth playing. I wish they would make an SE version of it, but I think that would require too much work.