Skyrim Co-Op coming soon :D

I am in no way affilitated with the modders of skyrim coop. I know there have been many said mods but never really worked out

However, this one looks promising.
This is the live to do list - almost finishing


and the modders regularly post update videos so you can see the progress.

ETA would be 2018 but no confirmed date as of yet. but i’m sure it’s near the corner.
skyrim coop can be such a fun and recreational game, to explore the world and once again relive the silly youtube videos and or memes of skyrim xD

EDIT: response from bethesda

I don't want to diminish how impressive those earlier attempts were, but what you're accomplishing here is simply astounding. It's not just the scope, either, but how thoroughly you've adjusted gameplay to fit the new mechanics. That's not surprising given your experience.


Skyrim Together is not dead. We’re actually quite pleased that Bethesda gave us a greenlight to release it anywhere else but Steam (which we would’ve liked but oh well), given the terms that we provide our service for free (which we will). We will continue to develop the mod and work on an alternative for Steam API, which yamashi already has in the works.



Woowww, I did not know this was a thing. Looks pretty cool, I’ve gotta keep an eye on it. Thanks for the post :slight_smile: