Site reneged on 7 day bonus

I have been clicking on the “coin task” since it started and was expecting the 7 day bonus to-day.

Something has gone wrong and sent me back to ‘day one’ .

Now i presume someone is gonna say i missed clicking on the coin for a particular day ,


I have been following this diligently since it started and haven’t missed any of the days.

I’ve actually been stuck at home for the last 2 weeks due to the fact i’ve had builders in fitting a new kitchen and bathroom which means i’ve been more focused than usual on computer matters.
as there’s little else for me do while i wait for the work to be done.

Anyway something has definitely gone wrong with my coin collecting as i should have tripped the 7-day bonus…

what’s the point of doing this if u nick users progress ?

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Sorry to hear that your streak was reset!

I went head and checked our database and it looks like you just missed Saturday’s roll by doing it after the new sale on Sunday. Keep in mind that each day resets at the time of the sale (9AM Pacific), not necessarily on when a day actually starts since that’s different for all timezones.

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i have the same problem

We’ll look into it!

The same thing happened to me this past weekend. I was really surprised when my counter reset because I made a specific point of logging in both days this weekend.

We’re looking at your coin click times as well to make sure nothing broke.

me too

Man, that is awful. I hope you get your chest loot soon.

I didn’t miss any of the days .

I do feel this what one would call a first world problem.
But i’m just saying , i did not miss any of the days.