Site not working on Windows phone.

With me moving tomorrow I figured I’d check and see if I couldn’t keep up with the coin spinning and possibly the forums off my cellphone while the net is down only to find that the site does not appear to work at all.

Now I don’t use my cellphone for much and almost not at all for internet browsing so I’m not sure if it’s a setup issue, site issue or phone issue.

I’m using a windows phone 8.1014234.375 and internet explorer 11.0, I think, mobile probably it’s honestly not very forthcoming with information. I probably don’t have much in the ways of plugins or optional software installed other than what comes baked into the browser already.

I try to load up and all I’m getting is the dark purple background. Whether I’m setting it to load up mobile or desktop variant of the site. Can’t even tell what’s going wrong here. The forum seems to work without issue though.

Any help would be appreciated.


Moving sucks, hope it won’t be too much of a hassle for u


Good luck with your move! In any case, I don’t have any experience with windows phones, but perhaps it is a thing with the browser? Are you able to install another browser? Or are you limited by data restrictions that prevents you from installing anything.

The other thing I could think of is perhaps you are looking at the purple background and the other objects on the page are loaded elsewhere and you might try scrolling left and right a bit. Or maybe if it’s an option, ask the browser to display in full-desktop view, or whatever that option is called with a lot of mobile device browsers? I have zero experience with Windows phones so I don’t know what you are looking at typically, but those would be my ideas.


There are a number of weird dodgy browsers to install, none of which I have any reason to trust. But I might try one of them out to see if it does anything differently. This one absolutely NEEDS to know my location, that one’s by the chinese, the other one is really rather pricy and so on.

There is nothing hidden out of sight on the page and as I said I set it to request desktop version of the site to no avail.


u can definitely trust that one dude


sorry, I missed that part above… :blush:

Opera? It’s at least a name I know…

The creatively named browser “Browser” showed the same results IE does and the one calling itself the “Smart browser” didn’t even show purple, just a white screen.

Opera is a chromium browser these days, not available on windows phone what it seems like. Though they advertise an Opera mini for “basic phones” but if it isn’t on the windows store I’m not getting it, and it isn’t.

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That really stinks… Any chance you could hop on some kind of public-use computer, like maybe your local library or something? It’s the kind of thing I think of, b/c libraries here usually have 1/2 hr use time slots for a lot of their computers and other devices for web surfing, etc. And our library is just down the street a few minutes walking distance…

Don’t know how old that article is but almost every one of those entries are no longer available. 2 of them requires location spyware one of which is the chinese one only the very last one I’m trying out now but it doesn’t seem to be an internet browser rather a local file organizer.


I seem to be helping negatively… I hope someone else with a bit more experience can better help you.

Sorry. I can’t help. I don’t even have a windows store account. Out of that list the only browser I would even consider is Opera…And you have already struck that one down…:thinking:

isn’t that a bit risky though; it seems like way too ez to have yr accounts+passwords keylogged that way…


since i’m utterly useless <insert useless cat meme> maybe you could have a quick talk/(pm?) with @frst or @dusty @etc… to see if there was a fix for the homepage? during your upcoming temp mobile only lifestyle, -when MS doesn’t really want to play nice on the open browser market
hope it gets sorted fraggles #:thought_balloon:&:pear:



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I hope the move goes well - meaning as well as possible! Moving is… sooo much fun!

I just booted up an older laptop that runs IE11. I am having the same problem with the main page not loading but the forum works fine. It seems the main site page does not support IE? Or perhaps some setting/configuration to disable/enable to get it going. scratch that as I just played with the settings and still no such luck

I was able to use FF and Chrome with no problems on this older laptop. I know you do not have an alternative that is working for you via your Windows phone… as of yet. I’ll see if I can find you one.

**For the website admin’s: not only the main page but all sub-pages do not work via IE11. (i.e. /shop, /pastdeals, etc.)

Good luck, Fraggles!!

Calling the powers that be… @frst, @lonin, or @dusty…You have been summoned!!!

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@Fraggles, I know Surfy was listed on the link above but it is also listed @Microsoft.

#1 Browser for Windows Phone” -shrugs- not my quote but from the Microsoft Store, hehe.

Have you tried this one?

Thanks delenn13 @grabbing attn

oh no, I’ve reached my # of likes/LOVE and must wait 5hrs! poopie :stuck_out_tongue: - thanks for calling attn to the proper folks!

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