Since misery loves company... Manga chat

Seriously though, I have a wistful smile on. Humble has a new bundle for Manga and Mushishi Vol. 1-10 is in there - in the $20 bracket. O_o Reasonable, but le sigh, you know?

Looking at it this way, it’s a good thing I’m not rich or I would have pounce on that and of course, other shiny things.

What manga would you love to get your mitts on?


If I were to ever purchase a manga it would firstly have to be a physical copy and it’d probably be Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou and the other couple of titles Hitoshi Ashinano has written.

They’re great peaceful little mood pieces that while not short you can get through quickly because there’s really very little going on, it’s just people living in a rather strange but peaceful world going about their life at a leisurely pace. It’s just beautiful. If you liked Mushishi I’m pretty sure you’ll find this one to your tastes as well.

As for that bundle, there’s a few pretty decent pickups there. I rather enjoyed the anime of Flying Witch, Noragami and Mushishi. The only manga here I’ve actually read is Battle Angel Alita which is a great read.


My favorite manga-ka of all time is Rumiko Takahashi so i would like to someday collect all her classics: Urusei Yatsura, Maison Ikkoku, Ranma 1/2. But i doubt i’d ever get around to reading them which is why i haven’t bought them already.


The only manga I ever possessed was some softcore shit that I got from someone at my school back when there was no PornHub and shit. :sweat_smile:


There was for a very short while an attempt to translate and publish a manga magazine in Sweden. I did buy those and have an almost complete collection of the year or two they ran. Have not read a single issue, but I thought it was an endeavor worth supporting. Not enough people did it seems.

Through this I own about half of Love Hina, Chobits, GTO, school rumble and Negima and probably a couple of others.


There are actually some local guys who produce comics, based on on folklore and such things. The guys are pretty talented too. In all fairness, if I was to spend $20 USD ($40 BDS), I should get their stuff first. Herm.


@Kovec I saw some of the Ranma 1/2 anime - very entertaining. :slight_smile:

@DownwardConcept ohmygosh! lol

@Fraggles Physical books are my favorite kind. I don’t know of the author you mentioned but is sounds atmosphere and surreal. Games like that are attractive to me too, hence I’m curious about the Daedelic titles, like Candle and Leaves. No idea how they play though.


The list is way too big, and includes titles most wouldn’t feel comfortable having around for me to just go and buy them, but mostly because of fear of dying crushed by the piles of books falling on me like some have :fearful:

But like @Fraggles if I ever, it would have to be a physical thing, although I would just end up buying just a couple that are worth the trouble, like Ghost in the Shell or Yotsuba to!, unless they have gorgeous art, then I’ll may get it regardless of content :grimacing: .




Iis just so pretty – on top of me loving the story, of course. I’d love have a physical copy!

Here’s an example image (was really hard to find something that wasn’t potentially disturbing…):

Also, if Junji Ito counts… I want to own all of his work. Right now I only own this:


Well I watched the anime and found it boring so never crossed my mind to check the manga but the drawing seems nice…

Meanwhile Berserk is like


Why I’m not surprised :roll_eyes:

@AHMEDJXZ never liked Berserk, but I can’t deny that that’s some gorgeous work


I’ve had Berserk recommended to me countless times. Maybe I’ll read it, one day.

It’s just that mangas/animes are not my thing anymore. People change, I guess :woman_shrugging:

And the Claymore anime is complete bull and the ending is ridiculous, I always tell people not to bother with it.

@Inferry heh he’s seriously one of my all-time favorite writers. I watch his fan translations like a hawk. :eagle:

I’ve also succesfully introduced several of my friends to him because you gotta spread those sweet sweet nightmares even. Good stuff. :blush:


That art is super detailed and gorgeous. The centaurs are um… unique, lol. Definitely that for sure would be better as a physical copy.


I have liked some NSFW type manga, so I think that’s what you’re trying to say?

I’m a sucker for pretty artwork, no matter the subject, but I hate weak story and gaping plot holes.


Ghost in the Shell was a rocking anime, but I’ve never seen the manga.

Chrono just prompted me to do a group reply, lol. So this is how you learn to navigate, ha ha.


Junji Ito is a very famous mangaka for his surreal, grotesque body- and psychological horror works. Plenty of nightmare fuel in his creations, you should check them out.


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But not that much of a physical copy lol


Well they are good but I started enjoying my nightmares since I was 7… Yet never got any from him lol…


My two cents. I personally really enjoyed Mushishi in video format. Dunno if I’d be as interested in the Manga. But either way I recommend it.