Sigil Doom mod finally out

If you like mods for the original Doom, check out Sigil by Romero Games. This mod is from one of the original developers, John Romero. It is completely FREE and it is considered the fifth episode for Doom. SIGIL — Romero


They managed to sober him up and detox him at the same time? Damn… thought this day will never come. It’s funny that I’m still waiting for his “new FPS game” for 20 years while he is making maps for doom 1 :smiley:.

It’s pretty nice of him to be “level designing” those mobile games in the past 10 years though + some community moding work for games he got booted out from :smiley:

I’m not even that curious what happened to his kickstarter projects anymore. I guess I will never know.


I don’t really know the backstory of him. I just know I love Doom and was excited for this. Never knew about really any of that.

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