Sierra Ops - free on Steam

The game will turn from free to paid no later than tomorrow.
Details of this transition are described in the announcement, incluthing:

  1. The first game (this game) will be $14.99 USD and contain episodes 1 + 2. Episodes 3+4 will be moved to its own game, also for $14.99 USD.

  2. All current players of Sierra Ops episode 1 will get episode 1 + 2 for free even if they have not paid for any DLC as a thank you for taking interest in our game.

Meaning: if you claim the base game now, you’ll get the (currently paid $9.99) Sierra Ops : Episode 2 - Dissonance and Resonance DLC content - after the transition - for free as well.

The trailer looks and sounds really good.


Thanks @SeekerSupreme :sparkles: :dizzy: :sparkles:


Nice but no way to claim on a tablet myrr


No no, Dana, is way, I show, you let.

Open Steam’s website[1] in Chrome[2] on Android, log in and put[3] this into the address bar: javascript:AddFreeLicense(75253)[4] and tap go. You’ll get a message confirming that the game[5] has been added to your account[6].

[1] It can be any page in the domain, main page, any game’s page, points shop page, doesn’t matter.
[2] Will probably work in other browsers as well, on some it won’t.
[3] Make sure you get the whole thing into the address bar. If you copy/paste the exact snippet, Chrome will automatically remove the javascript: part, and you’ll have to type it in manually. Easiest way is to copy/paste the snippet with an extra leading character and then just delete it, eg. !javascript:AddFreeLicense(75253) and then delete !
[4] 75253 is the SUBID of the license package:
[5] The message will show that undefined has been added to your account; this is because the function was called with just one parameter (SUBID); you can call it with two, like this: javascript:AddFreeLicense(75253,"bigdick") to get a name in the message, it doesn’t matter, the proper license will be added regardless.
[6] You can double check it here:


This is cool and useful.

I found a way to claim games by running the steam bootstrapper via the run command, but it wasn’t completely reliable. Will have to remember to try this one.


Hm. Thanks @SeekerSupreme. Likely too late claim now. I will read that a couple of times. Don’t quite get it.


The offer is still available.


It was! I tried it in Chrome and it worked! Checked licenses from your link and it’s there ^^ Thanks a million. You are the Supreme Seeker indeed. XD

The javascript thing was the part that would disappear without leading characters. In any case, this method was super easy. purr




thanks @SeekerSupreme for this game … late always XD


Thanks @SeekerSupreme :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation: