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Here are my 10 most played games on steam but if you count PS3 and Origin. In Skyrim on PS3 i got over 200 hours and on Origin i got 641 hours on FIFA 18 :ok_hand:t6:



Original, non-Photoshopped version


Must be a gnuffi replica. The true Gnuffi is… PERFECTION :stars:


(Chockes then dies for switching sides indefinetly on the Chrono WW3 war )


I dare anyone to be more casual than me.


PFFT! :wink:


I’m secretly a n00b, I know :sob:

Edit: changed it to my currency


Been playing league of legends a lot lately:

And also have another account with 200h. So total of 1424h


Wait what? Zombidle is on steam? I have missed out


NO DONT! It will consume your life!(or at least your PCs processing power)
If you somehow missed it, it’s been on Steam for like, a year and an half.


yall seems to know a game that i dont… care to do a TLDR of the game? seems to be a flash game available on kongregate?


RDR2 about to shatter my FFIV, TL2 & GTA4 Records if staying at this pace.
but as far as time invested into a series
Metal Gear Series clocked the most collectively by far especially MGS4 due to online
Rainbow 6 would be the next series especially vegas 2
Oblivion Skyrim and morrowind has to be up there

unofficial has to be tetris because i played so much of it when young but kinda hard to track those numbers

My cousins would be fallout vegas and fallout series in general

I want to live inside RDR2


well, at least some of the STD’s are still around in some places in the world


not sure why thats the first thing to pop in your mind but sure


it’s just an example of one of the reasons (and there are many) why u actually don’t want to live inside RDR2; the reason i mentioned that one is for comedic effect (has nothing to do with the order in which they popped in my mind); that should be kinda obvious i think


I wanna live in the fallout 3 univers with both mothership zeta crew and rivet city underground house mods installed :cry:. I rly wish to.


Side not… depending on the creatures sizes, u d have to hunt at least once a week… xD


if i needed to chose a game to live in it would be no man’s sky… now matter how bad was the launch… the realisation that i was born too late to explore earth and too soon for space exploration… make me depress… just FYI: if Elon would ask me to be one of the first people to be sent on mars to test the ship or w/e with the odd of 75% chance of fail launch… i would do it without hesitation…


I agree with no man’s sky, but for different reasons :smiley:. The concept behind it is glorious … you are alone in the universe which is plain and simple = no conflict… no issues … no war :smiley:. Well they kinda lied about their concept, but probably more ppl would have bought it if they were expecting to be alone in the first place :rofl: