Should I buy dustforce or wait for something else? :)

Basically got 2500 coins Dustforce looks interesting :slight_smile: but im worried if i spend it now will i miss out on something later? :confused: any suggestions is it good dont wanna miss out on it its already 80% claimed :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m holding out for Brigador or something else. Not a big fan of platformers.

I play anything so yeah not sure :stuck_out_tongue:

This thread might help ypu out as some have given their opinion on the game

I’m trying to see for how long I can keep my streak going, everything else is an added bonus and if you’re not 100% sure I think it’s safe to say that saving those coins is a good idea. Chrono has made decent connections to publishers and developers in the short time they existed, so I bet there will be great games coming in the future.


Yeah I decided well actually just forgot so clearly there’s my decision but hopefully some nice ones coming up gutted I missed hammerwatch :frowning:

My thoughts exactly. Although I predict my streak will break eventually from my own actions (or lackof actually), so it’ll be up to you to set a record and show the community how far that counter can REALLY go. Carry that torch and resist the temptation to end the streak!

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I’ll tell you honestly though: Dustforce is freaking AWESOME. It seems kinda weird, and doesn’t look that great from previews/vids, but its SOLID all around. TONS and TONS and TONS of content. There is a massive amount of levels with just vanilla dustforce, but then the biggest part of the game is the steam-workshop-esqe thing they have built into the game, where you can create your own levels, play other people’s levels, etc etc…and all this is incorporated INTO your personal game progression.

On top of the content, the game makes you feel like a mutha fuckin wizard. I kid you not. Its so fluid, and smootrh, and you can pull of some of the most over the top, insane, awesome wall hacks/leaps/parkour moves ever.


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