Sharing my cart (and doubts about getting Dragons Dogma)

Hi, I want to share the games I am going to buy in this GOG’s winter sale, if anyone wants to share their carts, you’re welcome.

I bought Heroes os Might and Magic 3 Complete Edition and I can say I am enjoying it a lot, so thats why this winter I want to buy good old games.

My cart is this:

  • Anno 1404
    (I got the Anno 1602 from Uplay, but everyone keeps saying this is the best of the series so I want to try it)
  • Baldur’s Gate 2 Enhanced Edition
    (A cult classic between rpg fans, maybe the graphics are a bit old, but I like Rpgs and I have to try this one)
  • FTL Advanced Edition
    (Not a classic but for 2 bucks I want to find out why all people love it)
  • And Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen, which I dont know if buy or not

People seems to love Dragons Dogma and sell it like a long and fun game, but the thing is its from 2012 so graphics are a bit outdated and looks like the story is on the dull side. I loved The witcher 3 and Skyrim a lot, so I want a long rpg like those. I tried dragon Age Origins on the past and found it dull.
For people who have played it, do you reccomend Dragons Dogma?

Share your thoughts and your cart if you want!


Honestly haven’t played any of them expect Baulders Gate 2 (a very long time ago I guess it just one of those old school rpgs) and FTL (highly recommended, a great game that I have spent many hours in)


Also only played BG2 and FTL - But they are both fantastic! Can’t recommend either of them enough.


I never played Dragon’s Dogma but a close friend of mine, who is often a Dungeon Master of pen and paper really enjoys both the combat and the world, so I assume the RPG side of the game is probably spot on.

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Is there any reason you’re buying from gog exclusively? Because Dragon’s Dogma is cheaper elsewhere and if you’re not sure you’re minimising your exposure by buying cheaper.

well steamsales starts like tomorow, hold on to get it, to get a better picture

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Looking at historical lows it looks like Steam isn’t going to beat Gamesplanet.

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Regardless of when or where you buy it, FTL is one of the best games I’ve ever played. The aesthetics, mechanics, and play time are a perfect fit for me, though of course YMMV if your preferences are different. Dungeon of the Endless scratches all the same itches, if that sort of game suits your style.

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I played Dragon’s Dogma on console and on Steam via family, and I loved it a lot. It’s great. I think that if you liked Skyrim and Dragon’s Age’s story, at least (I can understand finding DA’s game mechanics dull), you may very well love Dragon’s Dogma. It is semi-open world, there’s classes you pick, dozens of monsters of various sizes you fight across the map, crafting, great music, setting, characters, cool combos and mod support. Think more KHy battling though, it is a lot different in that regard than Skyrim.

If it is on sale, especially on GOG, I’d definitely recommend getting it. Of course, Baldur’s Gate 2 is great from what I hear, but all my friends who own it say Enhanced Edition has more bugs than the original, so that might be worth looking into first, to see if it is still valid.


I’m just gonna drop my two cents on the graphical side of the game. MT Framework is glorious. All games that run on it… well, it’s last-gen, sure, but visuals are incredibly clean and performance is generally smooth. RE5, RE6, Devil May Cry 4, Marvel vs Capcom 3, Lost Planet 2, and Dragon’s Dogma all look great on the engine.

Expect generally okay visuals and lots of jank (e.g. animations instead of ragdolls, climbing mechanics, and so on).


Thanks for the repplies ^^ FTL and Baulders Gate 2 I see are very well liked haha

Oh, I loveee that type of roleplay. I think I am gonna enjoy it too

I still have a huge backlog in steam, I just don’t use only steam xD I feel like giving Gog some love, I think lately I prefer buying in Gog because I like the platform and want to see them growing, Drm free, Gog connect, etc. but in the end, if the difference is very substancial I may get it elsewhere.
I just looked in Gamesplanet as @xist pointed out, and its at 5,5€. Is that a legit site? No shady reseller I hope.

Steam sales begin tomorrow? Oh boy.

Thanks @Rhyagelle specially for the good Dragons Dogma reccomendation :smile: