Shadow Warrior Key

Hello, i have a key, for, Shadow, Warrior, Special, that, last, until, August 5th, 2017. It is from Humble Bundle. Who want it?

I got it cheap, 0 dollars, it was free, and now it cost money. I can’t do anything with it, because it will expire, i could just delete it, but i would rather activate it on some other account. But i don’t have another account and i could create one but there is no use of having 2 accounts with same games except for cards, but the time and the hassle is not worth the 0.4 dollars you can get, or maybe i could create second account and activate it and then sell the account for money, but i will probably get banned because it’s against the rules. The best solution is to give it away and the person who gets the key decides what to do, or maybe i should leave it be and let it delete by itself. i can’t decide. The game doesn’t worth anything except the cards which could make you a profit of 0.4 or less, at least 1 hydra box i think, maybe i mistake but it doesn’t matter, so i am giving away 0.3 or 0.4 dollars which is very little to give away. I wonder if somebody missed it, it’s so funny if you did miss it, it was free for 2 days i think or more, someone probably made pile of keys to make another giveaway with it. It’s not me i just got 1 key i don’t need thousand. But i should of got 1000,1000 emails, 1000 accounts. 1000 x 0.4, 400$


by the all mighty Kraken, paragraphs man!

(good one on you tho for giving away your key anyway) :thumbsup:
( i already have the game so don’t count me in, just had to comment on the text flood)


I see two paragraphs.

One that ended with: “who want it?” And… < Argh my eyes, it burns!!!>