Shadow Defender(Sandbox Program) is free for a day and half....

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“Shadow Defender can run your system in a virtual environment called ‘Shadow Mode’. ‘Shadow Mode’ redirects each system change to a virtual environment with no change to your real environment. If you experience malicious activities and/or unwanted changes, perform a reboot to restore your system back to its original state, as if nothing happened.”

Please make sure you uncheck the Auto Update. If it UPDATES, you will lose the Pro Version.

And NO you don’t need Social Media to get it…


Hmm… tempted, do you use this, @delenn13 ?

I would like to know from someone who uses it how the software functions and if it causes any problems.

There are issues some people note data lost while in shadow mode, b/c everything gets wiped from there, which I don’t want to accidentally happen…

and here’s a funny review, but worth noting:

and that was from yesterday…

So I am not jumping right out there to get it, but someone please let me know if you have first-hand experience using this, thanks.


Yes, I use it all the time if i am installing something shady or not sure of. It’s worth it. But YES!!! If anything gets updated, downloaded or changed, you will lose any changes. I have been known to put something on a stick to save it. When it’s in “Shadow Mode”, a widget will appear on your desktop to let you know it’s working.

I don’t use it for long, just enough to see if the program is safe/works on my laptop. What is handy…You can let the kids play on your PC/laptop and once they are gone…Just reboot. All gone.


Here’s a screenshot. You can decide to sandbox all drives or you can choose. The Widget can be moved all over the desktop so you can see it.


Sounds neat, but I wonder if it would even run on much older, dated hardware…

Addendum: I decided to grab it, and I found a few other interesting deals/steals:


I used to use Time Freeze…But I found it didn’t work as well with Win 10.


I just noticed this:

there are no updates available…

Though I guess it should be okay, last update was August 2020, and before that, from 2018…


This type of program doesn’t update unless there is a change in the operating system. I didn’t even get the program this time because I got it about back in August 2020 and it’s the same version. I just had people like @GDBringer ask me to let them know the next time the program comes out. So That is what I am doing :grinning:


Yeah, I just went into the settings and turned off the thing that says check for updates automatically, so now I won’t have to deal with accidentally forgetting and updating, thereby losing the free license.


I forgot about that. You are correct. I need to add that to the OP. Thanks…


Yay! Thank you for remembering. I got it and will use it when installing questionable things. :partying_face:

I needed to give an email. I hope it doesn’t send me thousands of spam. lol.


When I tried to install, it just froze up.

It was a wasted effort.


It had to be installed during the dates of the giveaway. You can’t just install at ANY time.

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I TRIED to… during the time of the giveaway; it locked up likely because it hates my OS or whatever the actual problem was.