Seven: Enhanced Edition (GOG) Free on HumbleBundle

You also have to connect GOG account to HumbleBundle


Note: After you connect your GOG account, you need to go to your email inbox and open the email from Humble, which directs you to a redeem page.


Thanks @Norther :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

Humble stopped showing game links to Steam a few years ago. Now, It wants me to link my Humble account to GOG??? Holy crap on a cracker, Batman…WHY???


I believe I read somewhere that it was Steam that decided to not have linked accounts for redeeming keys anymore. Every other launcher (Uplay, Epic, GOG) are keyless, requiring you to connect accounts.


Thanks for this. My laptop stayed booted up long enough for me to claim it, then crashed.

The registry is unhappy so now it won’t do anything but loop back to the same error screen. Joy oh joy.


Thanks for the post! :+1:

I’ve managed to add it to my library despite showing me a page error whenever I tried to claim the game through GOG.


Glad to of had only had minor troubles with getting through the hoops…
(I know what it is like to be in @Danacscott’s shoes a bit too well… :frowning:)


I am glad we can assign custom tags on our game inventories; I have one that tells clearly of how rough I have it (‘NEED BETTER HARDWARE’), and several games are tagged with it.


GOG is not keyless, they have a key generation and redemption system. It’s just not widely used yet as they don’t deal much with 3rd parties.

The reason sites want you to connect your accounts to each other is to create trackable profiles of accounts across sites. While they can already do that on their own, it’s not as reliable as you directly telling them which accounts are tied to your person.


I know that they’re not keyless (no store/launcher is afaik). What I meant by keyless (and I think that’s the term used) is that when you need to connect accounts, the keys are directly redeemed in your account, instead of them giving you a key for you to redeem yourself.

I think this is also a way of them preventing the reselling of keys. Of course, it also prevents you from gifting.

Edit: just did a little search and “keyless” is actually the term used is this case, going by this article about EGS: Epic Games Store now has keyless integration with Fanatical, Green Man Gaming, and Genba Digital - Dot Esports


This particular transaction is indeed keyless, but it’s not an inherent aspect of GOG as a whole since they have in a few instances had 3rd parties provide keys for you to register on GOG.

It is erroneous to say that they HAVE to do this through account connection because they can’t do it any other way. They have done it in the past, they could have done it here. GOG does not use a strictly keyless system.


But I never said they couldn’t do it any other way. It’s just that this might be the way they prefer to work with 3rd party sellers.

Tbf, I never bought a GOG key from 3rd parties so I don’t know if this is the case for all of them.


My objection was apparently very hard to grasp.

You say GOG is keyless, which is the statement I objected to saying they are not keyless. Gog can and has generated keys in the past which you could purchase from 3rd parties. If you bought a boxed copy of Witcher 3 you’d get a key on a card to redeem on GOG. Currently their key generation is primarily used for discount codes sent through their mailing lists.

GOG is not keyless, GOG does not require you to connect accounts.

Good why are we still arguing then?

They have the capacity to redeem keylessly. Only reason you need to do it here is because they decided to do it this time. This does not define their entire system. A tap with hot and cold running water is not a cold water tap, nor is it a heatless tap. Even if the owner of the tap prohibits you from using any hot water.

You claimed that GOG is keyless and I disagreed with you defining it this way.

Can we agree that a store system that can generate and redeem keys is not keyless?


Sure, we are agreeing on that. I know that Steam, GOG, Uplay, etc has a redeeming page/feature for people to redeem keys.

Reading my posts, I should be more clear. “Keyless” is the term used, that imo, can be interpreted in a wrong way.

I never meant to say that GOG has no key redeeming system, just that when dealing with 3rd parties they might do it in a keylessly way like you said. They did it this time, but they might not do it always or not do it at all on other sites. That I don’t know, because like I said, I never bought GOG keys, on 3rd parties.

I hope this time I was more clear


Thanks for the info! Grabbed the game :blush:

Though unlike steam account that was possible to unlink from humble on your own, doing something with gog requires involving support: “Your account is linked to … . To change your account, please contact customer support.”


I don’t mind, but rslly? How very very odd O_o