SEUM giveaway [ENDED]

Ok guys; I saw SEUM was on sale on Steam (I can only buy games on Steam itself, with the profit I make on the community market, cuz I can’t have paypal/credit card cuz I live in a “shithole” country, as “someone” would put it, rofl [u need credit card here to use paypal; and debit cards don’t work online here… don’t worry about it]), and I know how a lot of ppl here rly wanted that game.

There will be three winners, determined by discobot.


  • must have been a member for at least a week
  • must have 3 badges
  • must participate within 48 hours of this posting
  • yr steam pic must be sfw (at least just the time needed to gift it)

Please note:

  • You’ll have to friend me on steam so I can give u the game
  • If yr local price is not in USD I can’t guarantee Steam will accept that; I’ve had instances where I cannot gift someone a game because of local price differences. If that happens, discobot will select a new winner.

Very nice of you. :heart_eyes: I already have the game…so Not entering…

Edit: But I would really like a cow to be my friend on Steam if he would like it.:thinking:


Not entering!

So cool of you to be doing this!!
And totally add me on Steam If you want man ^^

What’s that tho?¿ :thinking:

And yep, that happens!! So don’t get mad people, It is what It is and It’s there for a reason :confused:


Thanks for this giveaway :ok_hand:. Not entering (not my kind of game)
I know for sure you cant give to people in the EU when you dont buy a game in euros
Before my friends and I gifted a lot to each other. I live in the Netherlands and I still can gift to everyone, but my friends who paid in other currencies cannot give me anything at steam. Hope that helps…

Good luck to everyone who enters


@Rilover safe for work :slight_smile:


Thank you, @harith, this is so nice of you!

I am NOT entering, since I had the chance to buy the game with chrono coins, but thought that I would have vertigo/headaches/nausea from this game when I watched the gameplay video…

Hope that the gifts go to individuals who would get a lot of playing and enjoyment out of the game! :slight_smile:


It actually depends on the game (I guess if the price is the same or not, relatively speaking); cuz I have some guys who I could always gift to whenever, and then suddenly it wouldn’t work for some games but go through for others…


S…S-s… SEUM GIVEAWAY?! :scream::scream::scream: My wishes are coming true!!!
I DEFINETLY would like to enter!!! Since my wishes are coming alive i would also wish to win the lottery ( if i do, everybody here will get a 1000$ )
i Know that feel about the PayPal as well… feels bad living in a third country

About SFW… what is it? :sweat_smile: :rofl: ( safe for work )
is it this ?

Side note: All my post is NOT a joke, i repeat, NOT!! i am just super excited atm !!!


Hmmmm. OP seems shady and smells faintly of garlic when approached from behind. Do not trust… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Not entering btw…:stuck_out_tongue: )


by badge do u mean steam badge ?


Nice giveaway @harith! I’m sure someone who missed out on SEUM will be very grateful. When it comes to this game, however, I’m in the same boat as @YQMaoski :nauseated_face: So, I’m not entering. But I did want to give you a big thumbs up for your generosity…


Btw, like @delenn13, I would also like to add you on Steam… but searching for “harith” returns 1526 results. Which one are you? Or you could just add me, if you wouldn’t mind :blush:


:joy: :rofl: :joy:

I think he means Chrono badges, in which case you would qualify.


Me too, lol, I sent @harith a PM… seems like he is a little caught up at the moment… Nobody has heard from him in a while… which is quite unusual…


I believe you used to have Harith on your steam friends list, fairly certain they posted in the Steam friends thread a while ago. Their steam profile name is not Harith though and while it’s not my place to share what it is it seems their current friends list is pruned of all chronies from what I can see.


Really? harith was once my friend but no more? I feel like I didn’t even make the most of our time together.


top 10 anime betrayal :disappointed_relieved:


Why tho? I mean like the reason behind the rule.


I never understand Friends List prunes unless the people in question are a bit shady…we all have 100’s of spots free, so there’s very little danger of filling them up.


hmm I guess in my case if I am adding someone for a trade then I don’t know why I would want to keep them after that, of course exceptions apply but I think I would prefer to have people that I know or willing to talk with.


Everyone has their own ways, I suppose. I’m just going to wait and see if Harith gets back to us before making any more assumptions…