Select Freesync Monitors supported by NVIDIA

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TL:DR - NVIDIA is now Officially Supporting select Freesync monitors on their GTX 10-Series and RTX cards as of yesterday.


Here are the ones I could find

Above available at Microcenter:

Cheapest are Acer XFA240 and AOC G2590FX. Both are VESA compatible.

Cheapest G-Sync monitor I can find is $330 versus $200 for the freesync Acer and AOC.


That’s really neat. I wished I’d bought an nVIDIA card before, but now I regret even more for having not.


AMD is still best performance per dollar. I remember recently watching a video where I think it was the RX 570 absolutely trashing a Gtx 1050 ti.


Maybe it was this video. And true, there’s a pretty big difference between the cards. I just don’t like AMD display drivers (they’re overwrought with animations, take up way more memory than they should and crash frequently at least for me). Many games are optimized for nVidia on DX 11, but they don’t run meaningfully better. GTXs are cheaper than RXs now though.


Yup it was exactly that video.

I would need to double check, but I still think AMD wins in performance per dollar. That being said, NVIDIA 10 series cards are dropping in price…to about MSRP from what I’ve seen. Saw my exact 1060 card I bought like right when they came out for the same price I bought it at: $250.

Checked with current pricing, and the RX 560, 570, and 580 are better performance per dollar.


btw, while these few are officially supported, all nvidia users with freesync monitors can turn it on and it will work