Seasonal Gaming



I just want a space to dump all the games I’ve been unearthing. Going with seasonal so I can keep dumping links after October ends.

I laughed pretty hard at it honestly.


And for the people who don’t care much for scary games but want some Halloween flavor…

And the free to play route, same beast with a specific license.


No Infectonator?


I’ve apparently played one of them for 15 minutes but I honestly don’t recall the game.


I mean this looks promising sure.


I keep running across plenty of retro inspired stuff, and that’s fine I can appreciate that.

And this is straight up going for a ps1 vibe.


I know of or own Slayaway. Thanks for highlighting some other horror shinies. 10 days until … ^^



I’m back with some more!

First a short game by Airdorf, creator of Faith.

If you’ve never heard of it, it’s coming to Steam soon. There’s some amazing animation in there.

Next is Cozy, a short point and click from better times aka pre 2016 elections. There’s also a free to play follow up called Shiver linked on the page


The Wind is a really good one! Watched Markimoo play it - very tense.


Yuppie Psycho is good fun for anyone that wants to get into the spooky mood but doesn’t want anything too scary. I can’t play scary games at all, not for long at least before it gets too spooky for me to play (I save those extra spooky games for my BF to play for me, or for me to watch let’s plays of) but I played this game through multiple times. It’s good fun and has a great sense of humor.


Thanks, @GrimtheGilded. Some scary items there :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


The 99 cent edition

Montaro isn’t scary but it has costumes so I’m counting it.

And finally Blood and Bacon. Also not scary. I got this one way way back and it’s been updated a bit but still has that “charm” that made me take notice.