Searching for a game

Hello, im searching for dragon ball xenoverse 2, if you have it, then PM me and we will talk about the exchange or the price


That’s a multiplatform game, I assume is the steam version, but you’ll do well in specifying which one you are looking for.

That being said, I don’t think you’ll have that much luck here, no offense, but you are a new user, so it’s gonna be hard for someone to trust you from the start, no harm in trying thou.


I agree with Inferry, not to mention this is a highly popular game, not exactly one to be sitting around in someone’s extra keys reserve.

You are better off going to a trading site instead of here, this is not exactly the place for trades to commonly occur. Not saying it can’t happen, it’s just not one of the reasons most of us are here.

Maybe try Steam Trades instead? Good luck!